How to be a Hospitality Star: Kumar Shobhan of Hyatt Regency shares tips

Jaismita Alexander
Jaismita Alexander
Posted on 25 Jun 2022
18:24 PM
 Kumar Shobhan answered queries of students at  a webinar titled ‘How to be a Hospitality Star’.

Kumar Shobhan answered queries of students at a webinar titled ‘How to be a Hospitality Star’. Source: Edugraph

The virtual session is a part of The Telegraph-Edugraph’s ‘How to be' series of webinars
Kumar Shobhan highlighted various aspects of the hospitality industry and it's career prospects

Hospitality is taught early in all Indian homes where guests are considered to be God, said Kumar Shobhan, general manager of Hyatt Regency Kolkata, and guest speaker at a webinar titled, 'How to be a Hospitality Star', organised by The Telegraph- Edugraph on June 25.

The virtual session, brought to you by CII Institute of Hospitality as a part of The Telegraph-Edugraph’s 'How to be' series, was attended by 650+ students.

Aimed at helping students gain in-depth knowledge of various fields as well as career options in the same.


Here are 10 takeaways from the hour-long webinar:

• Hospitality involves the receiving and serving of guests in a friendly and generous manner.

• A hospitality star is passionate and creative about the job.

• A degree in hospitality management opens several other avenues in the sector beyond hotels

• This sector is witnessing a boom in a number of jobs, such as the front office, human resource, sales, events and marketing

• A hospitality professional’s responsibilities may include everything from maintenance and housekeeping to spa services, concierge, reception, food and beverages and much more

• There is also a wide scope for entrepreneurship in hospitality

• With the advent of technologies like Google translator, language is no more a barrier in the sector

• 'Customer Service' is at the core of a hospitality professional’s career

• Hospitality courses are available through undergraduate, postgraduate and diploma programmes in both government and private institutions

• Admission in government colleges is done on the basis of an entrance test, NCHMCT JEE, while private institutions may have their own admission tests and interview rounds.

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19:24 PM
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