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Happy Campus project launched by Universal Business School in Mumbai

Our Correspondent
Our Correspondent
Posted on 17 Dec 2021
18:27 PM
Workshops and other sessions will be conducted under the Happy Campus Project.

Workshops and other sessions will be conducted under the Happy Campus Project. Source : Universal Business School, Mumbai

Project aims to create a happy environment on campus for students
Students can attend counselling sessions for wellbeing

Universal Business School Mumbai has launched the Happy Campus Project to create a happier environment on campus that drives the overall growth of students.

The project is aimed at reducing factors that can be common barriers to student learning, promoting holistic development and improving student experience.

Workshops and other sessions will be conducted under the Happy Campus Project. At the time of on-boarding, students will have to attend an awareness workshop on Let’s Talk Mental Health.


Student will attend a session with the campus counsellor, who will aim to understand the student and how he/she functions. Students can also seek therapy and request for voluntary wellbeing sessions.

Community engagement of students will involve wellness coaching and therapy sessions for groups. Events such as bonfires, open-mic sessions will be held to promote community-building.

Students will also have an opportunity to take part in weekly physical health challenges, group walks and treks on campus, self-evaluation wellbeing survey. They can also attend life skills and holistic development classes and contribute to a weekly student wellbeing newsletter.

The campus will also have its own Happy Campus Project Room, where students can take a happy break and spend time with themselves, engaging in silent activities such as colouring mandala sheets, journalling their thoughts, listening to music, reading and solving puzzles.

Workshops will also be held on psychological first aid for students and faculty.

“We are inspired not just by India's rich heritage on holistic living, but also by the fact that the world's best universities, such as the Harvard College of General Education, offer courses like ‘The Science of Happiness’. Sharp decision-making has a lot to do with your happiness. This in turn, is ensured by good health, inspired living and good sleep. We would like our students to know this from an early age,” said Tarun Anand, chairman, Universal Business School.

Last updated on 17 Dec 2021
18:27 PM
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