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Financial education for students of Classes VI to X

Our Correspondent
Our Correspondent
Posted on 26 Jun 2022
10:09 AM
The course will help teenagers to develop the habit of saving.

The course will help teenagers to develop the habit of saving. Source: Shutterstock

Summary introduces course on A2Z Financial Market for teens
The course is an introduction to basic terminology and concepts regarding money management and financial markets

High school students can now learn all about money management sitting at home. All they need to do is sign up for the A2Z Financial Market course launched by, a Kolkata-based online financial education platform. The course is open to students of Classes VI to X.

The current COVID crisis has created an unprecedented situation, slowing down our lives and jeopardising economic activity across the world. The need for upskilling is now being felt more than ever before to make ourselves eligible for the constantly changing world.


Elearnmarkets recognises financial upskilling as the need of the hour not only for young adults but also for teenagers. School students are seldom taught about investments though it has emerged as something of a survival skill.

“It has always been our effort to provide easily accessible financial education to everyone through live and recorded finance courses, webinars, and educational videos. Our courses are the best in the class, taught by some of the best experts. With this new course at Rs 999, we are breaking the price barrier and making financial education accessible to teenagers, who will go on to become financially literate and independent adults. I encourage you to take advantage of this series and upskill yourself with the power packed financial knowledge that these courses offer,” said Vivek Bajaj, co-founder,

Elearnmarkets has been democratising financial education in India for more than five years. It is looking forward to helping young people become financially independent by making its courses more affordable for them.

This effort is a part of Elearnmarkets’ endeavour to support the Government of India in its Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan. The “low-investment courses” promise high returns in financial knowledge and skills. They will enable young teenagers to learn the basics of the stock market, various avenues of investment, portfolio diversification and much more.

Topics covered in the course:

● Basics of stock market

● Investment and various avenues of investment

● Explanation on portfolio diversification

● Appointment of stock broker

● Types of brokers

● Steps to identify the right broker

● Method for stock selection

● What to choose – investing or trading?

● Company analysis and understanding financial statements

● Impact of external events on stock market

● Stock market index

● Stock analysis

● Tracking stock market

● Basic guide to IPO

Elearnmarkets is an online financial education platform with 2 million registered users.

Students can register for the A2Z Financial Market course by at

Last updated on 26 Jun 2022
10:09 AM
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