EdTech firm PlanetSpark to launch junior board of experts this Children’s Day

Mou Chakraborty
Mou Chakraborty
Posted on 13 Nov 2021
11:49 AM
Selections will be based on a 90-second video demonstrating students’ communication and leadership skills, and a personal interview.

Selections will be based on a 90-second video demonstrating students’ communication and leadership skills, and a personal interview. PlanetSpark

The board will comprise 15 experts aged 10-16 years from across 13 countries, who will take part in strategy meetings and key decisions
These child experts will be mentored by the brand’s leaders, who will coach them on communication and leadership skills

Indian education technology platform PlanetSpark will be launching a junior board of experts this Children’s Day, comprising students aged between 10 and 16 years.

The board will have 15 child experts from across India, the US, Middle East and Europe regularly consulting the EdTech platform on its curriculum, community, contests and marketing initiatives going forward.

These child experts will participate in the weekly and review meetings of the brand to partake in key decisions, and be given exposure to selective strategy meetings. With kids aged 4-16 years being the end-users of PlanetSpark, the EdTech firm is keen to actively hear the points of view and feedback of this segment on an ongoing basis.


PlanetSpark co-founder Maneesh Dhooper said, “This junior board will help PlanetSpark constantly reinvent itself and stay aligned with the needs and challenges of young children. We have received some brilliant suggestions from our students in the past which have been critical to our evolution, and we would like to keep this process continuous.”

Each member of PlanetSpark’s junior board will also be assigned a mentor from the brand’s leadership team, who will further coach and guide them on Communication and Leadership skills.

“We came up with this idea after much deliberation given that PlanetSpark not only envisions making children confident communicators, but is also committed to inculcating career skills and aspirations in them. In addition to offering them the corporate world exposure at a young age, this is also a definitive way to ensure that we factor in the perspectives of students in the K-12 segment, which is our core target group,” Dhooper added.

Students wishing to be part of the board are required to submit a 90-second video that demonstrates their communications and leadership skills. Those shortlisted will be invited for the next round, which will be an extempore debate. Following this, there will be a mock-up Junior Board Idea Voting & Reasoning session. The last and final leg will involve a Personal Interview of the selected children with PlanetSpark’s hiring team.

In order to apply for this role, a student should have completed the Live 1:1 Public Speaking course by PlanetSpark, participated in more than 10 competitions and attended at least three workshops.

PlanetSpark offers LIVE 1:1 classes in Public Speaking and Creative Writing for children aged 4-16 years. Its students have become TEDx speakers, YouTubers, podcasters and published authors in India and abroad, across 13 countries spanning the US, Middle East and Europe.

The company offers a Wow Curriculum that also includes Storytelling, Debate, Podcasting, Stand-up Comedy, Poetry and much more.

The EdTech boasts of top one percentile teachers and the largest community of students to learn public speaking. The company is growing aggressively at 30% month-on-month and is poised to become the global market leader in communication for children by 2023.

PlanetSpark was founded in 2017 by XLRI graduates Kunal Malik and Maneesh Dhooper, who bring with them over a decade of experience each in growth and scale-up of ace organizations such as Unilever, UrbanClap and Novartis. The EdTech firm already has over 1,500 teachers and 1,100 team members onboard.

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11:54 AM
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