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Class X student comes up with idea of virtual platform for young artists

Jaismita Alexander
Jaismita Alexander
Posted on 10 Mar 2022
11:29 AM
Arsh Singhal came up with the idea of ArtBay during the lockdown.

Arsh Singhal came up with the idea of ArtBay during the lockdown. Arsh Singhal

Arsh Singhal wants ArtBay to offer budding artists a chance to showcase and sell their works online
The idea won the Most Engaging Entrepreneur award at ThinQbator 2022

The pandemic and the lockdown not only brought out the creative best in Arsh Singhal but also sparked the entrepreneurial spirit in the Class X boy of Amity International School, Noida.

Arsh’s venture, ArtBay, won him the title of Most Engaging Entrepreneur at ThinQbator 2022 — an international business plan competition organised by Amity University, in association with Canadian Universities and Industries.


Edugraph caught up with Arsh to know more about ArtBay and his plans for the future. Excerpts from the conversation:

Arsh Singhal came up with the idea of ArtBay during the lockdown.

Arsh Singhal came up with the idea of ArtBay during the lockdown. Arsh Singhal

Tell us about ArtBay. How was the idea born?

ArtBay is my business idea that I have been working on for two years. The first lockdown happened just days before an art exhibition I had planned with my family and it had to be cancelled. Everyone in my family was upset and I was very disappointed. Then the thought of an online exhibition struck me. But there was no platform for young artists like me. Who would give a school student an opportunity? I realised there wasn’t a single platform for teenagers to exhibit or auction their artworks. So, I decided to create a platform like Amazon and Flipkart where artists can list their artworks. It would also have an exhibition feature where people could visit a metaverse gallery and buy the artworks.

What stage is it in and when do you plan to launch ArtBay?

The idea is still on pen and paper. It is just a model with the logo ready. I want to launch it as soon as I can. I will need help to set this up.

Have you watched Shark Tank India? Who’s your favourite Shark?

Yes, I love Shark Tank. I have watched Shark Tank India, Australia and USA. I love how new ideas are portrayed on the show. It is a great platform. If I had to choose one Shark as a role model, I would say Piyush Goyal, the founder of Lenskart. I love how calm, empathetic and witty he is. I love his personality. He’s a self-made man and I admire that about him. And if I had to choose the most entertaining Shark, then obviously it would be Ashneer Grover, the founder of Bharatpe. He speaks his mind out and is blunt. That’s what makes the show so entertaining.

Where do you see yourself after completing your education?

I definitely want to see ArtBay turning into a reality. My father is a businessman and I want to be like him. He is my idol and I have seen him leaving his corporate job to start his own business. I am planning to take up a finance-related course in college. I am hoping it will help me as a businessman.

The logo for ArtBay designed by Arsh Singhal.

The logo for ArtBay designed by Arsh Singhal. Arsh Singhal

How do you think ArtBay is going to help young artists?

ArtBay is made for teenagers. When we are in school, we really do not have any opportunity to earn. We depend on pocket money from our parents. During the lockdown, so many students started their small businesses. But it was scattered and not in one place. So, I want give them that one single platform. Also, the e-exhibition will attract more visitors than a physical one. People interested in art from around the world will be able to participate and purchase the artwork.

What are your other interests?

I am an artist myself. I mostly work with acrylic and charcoal.

A collage.

A collage. Arsh Singhal

How did you get to know about ThinQbator?

I got to know about it from my school. We get messages on our phones about various competitions. I saw this one day and thought of participating.

How tough was the competition?

It was tough since college students also took part. I was one of the youngest with another boy. So it seemed a little tough but we were trained for three weeks. The mentors taught us about being creative, pitching our business models and other things about entrepreneurship. It was a good opportunity for me to learn new things.

What message would you give to young people like you?

I would say dream big. Work hard towards making it a reality.

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