CBSE teachers to be trained for alternative activities for Classes IX-XII

Our Correspondent
Our Correspondent
Posted on 20 Nov 2021
15:58 PM
The teachers training will be an overall guide for conducting alternative activities.

The teachers training will be an overall guide for conducting alternative activities. Shutterstock

The hour-long training session will be held online
E-certificates will be given to all participants

The teachers of Classes IX to XII of the CBSE schools will be trained online specially for alternative activities. The Central Board of Secondary Examination (CBSE) had earlier announced that the gap in the practical work will be filled in by alternative activities. These activities will include experiments that can be easily done at home.

The session is going to be free of cost and one-hour long. E-certificates will be offered to all participants. The board has directed all science teachers of the CBSE affiliated schools to join the session. A link to the course will be provided to all teachers by CBSE-Centre of Excellence (CoE).

The objective of training the teachers is to enable them to guide the students for alternative activities. The teachers will be additionally guided for integrating activities for students using simple and easily available materials at home. The board has already identified a total of 75 activities for Classes IX and X. The training will also help teachers to inculcate scientific literacy with a focus on the experiment, hypothesis, data interpretation, observation and inference.


The board has curated the activities safe for students to do on their own. However, the teachers are directed to analyse any potential risk and advise parental supervision while the experiments are carried out at home.

The alternative activities will be provided to the students with step-by-step guidelines, videos and worksheets that enable students to mark their observations of the experiments. The content package will also provide a list mentioning the materials needed for the activities.

The content for the teachers training session is provided by ThinkTac. It can also be accessed from the Diksha portal.

In a circular to the CBSE affiliated school heads, dated November 18, the board has mentioned, “Due to the school lockdowns, the amount of time available to the teachers for face-to-face instruction has drastically reduced in the current academic session. Further, the opportunities for hands-on teacher-guided practical work for Science has also been limited.”

The teachers can also get in touch with the respective CoEs for further details on the training sessions.

Last updated on 20 Nov 2021
15:58 PM
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