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Board exams too close, we might get distracted or infected, fear students

Agrima Tikader and Jaismita Alexander
Agrima Tikader and Jaismita Alexander
Posted on 03 Feb 2022
18:41 PM
(Clockwise from top left) Aahana Ganguly, Krish Goenka, Sreeja Mukherjee and Shuddho Nag

(Clockwise from top left) Aahana Ganguly, Krish Goenka, Sreeja Mukherjee and Shuddho Nag Source: Students

Class XII students share their anxiety over the short time between school reopening and their boards, fear prospect of offline exams
Most schools are opting for completely offline classes, something that the students have not been used to for 24 months

Not all students are happy about offline classes, especially the ones slated to appear for their board exams this year. Two years of online classes have got them used to the comfort this mode offers and many don’t want to give that up.

Edugraph got in touch with some school students who are not really looking forward to the school reopening. Here’s what they have to say:

Krish Goenka, Class XII (Commerce), Don Bosco Park Circus


Schools reopening so close to the Boards may not be very good for us. We are surely looking forward to meeting our friends once again, but the reopening will affect our revision time ahead of the exams. It’s a sinful cheesecake really — it’s good and bad at the same time.

We will be having offline classes from February 7. All students of Classes VIII to XII are expected to go to school and there will be no provision for online classes thereafter. Our school has been closed since the pandemic started, with offline classes being held for Classes IX and XI for a short time between November and December 2021.

We have become accustomed to the online mode of exams, so switching to offline exams is difficult but inevitable. I am worried about the short time we have between the pre-board and board exams.

Sreeja Mukherjee, Class IX, Carmel High School

I am not too excited about classes being offline again — we have become used to the process of online classes as our school has been closed for nearly two years due to the pandemic. Attending online classes over so many months has made me lose the habit of attending physical classes. The sudden announcement of schools reopening also gave us very little time to prepare for the return to school.

Classes will be completely offline and all students are expected to attend class every day. So far, we know that our exams for this term will be held in April. If classes continue to be offline, exams will be offline too. I am very anxious about having to appear for offline exams as I am no longer in the habit of sitting for my exams in school.

Agnik Bakshi, Class XII (Science), Salt Lake School (English Medium)

I have mixed feelings about school reopening. I feel it is necessary for us to have our practical classes before the board exams, but it also cuts down on our revision time. For us, Class XII Science students, we will mostly be returning to school to attend practical classes. Our school has allotted time in the science labs by rotation. In between each batch occupying the labs, the school will be sanitising the space. This is the same process that was followed when school reopened for a short span in December 2021.

In my school, students from Classes IX to XII will be attending classes offline from February 3. Our school is planning to maintain social distancing by breaking each section of each class into batches and then allotting a classroom to each batch.

I am also a bit apprehensive about the Semester 2 exams. We wrote our Semester 1 board exams offline as well. However, Semester 2 will be different, we will not have multiple-choice questions (MCQs) as before, which leaves me a bit anxious. I do not have a problem with offline exams, but I have lost the habit of writing long detailed answers. So, now I am taking the time to practise writing answers.

Shuddho Nag, Class VIII, La Martiniere for Boys

I will not be going to school since my exams are round the corner. Some of us fear getting infected as we are not of eligible age to get the vaccine. So, our parents have also asked us to stay home and attend online classes before the exams instead. Our exams will be held online from February 21 and we will get study leave from February 14. I feel a little sad not to be able to join offline classes but, hopefully, after a few weeks or months, we will get our normal school life back.

Aahana Ganguly, Class IX, GD Birla Centre for Education

I will be going to campus after two years and I’m not too happy about it. I have got used to online classes and I can’t cope with change very well. We will be having hybrid classes and will have to go to school twice a week. For the remaining three days, we will have online classes. Besides, the school hasn’t confirmed if we will have online or offline exams yet. I’m very anxious about offline exams. I haven’t taken an offline exam in a very long time. I have just been trying to distract myself for a while, till I calm down and finally start preparing for it.

Last updated on 03 Feb 2022
20:00 PM
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