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BIT Sindri: Workshop guides students on UPSC exam preparations

Posted on 10 May 2022
13:47 PM
Students of BIT Sindri attend the awareness session on UPSC exams.

Students of BIT Sindri attend the awareness session on UPSC exams. SOURCE: BIT SIndri

Session conducted by Chanakya IAS Academy, Dhanbad
Knowledge of current affairs and discipline key to preparations

Birsa Institute of Technology (BIT) Sindri hosted a programme conducted by Chanakya IAS Academy, Dhanbad, to help students prepare for UPSC examinations.

The programme began with a discussion on UPSC’s fundamental academics. Saibal Bose from Chanakya Academy was the speaker of the day.

Students were guided on the preparation strategy for UPSC examinations. Bose went over the UPSC syllabus and the many stages of the exam.


UPSC preparations require more than just academic study, it requires informative study about the current happenings in the country, Bose said. He went on to explain how informative study aids in the development of consciousness and the understanding of both the static and dynamic parts of study. Reading the newspaper is a must for UPSC preparations.

Discussing the UPSC syllabus, Bose broke down the complete course into sections. He advised students to solve sample papers regularly, revise short notes, and answer last year's questions.

He said students should participate in quality discussions to gain advantage over their peers not only in the prelims but also in the mains and interviews.

Bose underlined the importance of discipline while preparing for UPSC exams. “Every civil services candidate must have a schedule and must adhere to it strictly. The learner should create a realistic schedule and strive to stick to it with proper time management,” he said, urging the students to work hard to attain their goals.

The session ended with a question-and-answer session to address the students' concerns about the session.

Bose also spoke about Chanakya IAS Academy's Dhanbad branch and how, since its inception in 2017, it has produced excellent outcomes. The academy has branches across the country, each of which works directly under the head office and provides quality education to students, Bose said.

Last updated on 10 May 2022
13:47 PM
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