Young Changemakers Program

IIM Ranchi to become first among 20 Indian Institutes of Management to launch Young Changemakers Program

Animesh Bisoee
Animesh Bisoee
Posted on 15 May 2023
04:33 AM
IIM Ranchi.

IIM Ranchi. File photo

YCP aims to inspire a generation of young leaders who will bring about a tangible social impact and lead organisations with a global outlook and local responsiveness, IIM Ranchi spokesperson

IIM Ranchi will become the first among 20 Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) in the country to launch a three-day Young Changemakers Program (YCP) this month as part of social impact and rural development initiatives for matriculate and intermediate students.

The non-residential programme will be held between May 26-28.

“The YCP aims to inspire a generation of young leaders who will bring about a tangible social impact and lead organisations with a global outlook and local responsiveness. The rural immersion boot camp, under the YCP, is an innovative three-day programme pioneering a live-case learning model, providing a unique platform for students to explore tribal villages, understand their challenges, and collaboratively develop practical solutions,” said the IIM Ranchi spokesperson.


“This programme is designed to empower students to become changemakers, to take action, and to make a real difference in the world. This will challenge participants to think beyond their ownexperiences and encourage them to evaluate critically and compassionately the needs of others,” said IIM Ranchidirector Deepak Kumar Srivastava.

Day One of the boot camp will be an orientation day where the students will be introduced to the concept of social work and community service. They will learn about the challenges faced by rural communities, policies and efforts to solve social issues, UN sustainable development goals and how they can contribute to making a positive impact. The professors and experts who have been working on this front for years will undertake the sessions.

The students will get the opportunity to learn from the professors of IIM about the essentials of social entrepreneurship.

The discussions on systematic approaches to bring change and proven models will set off the transformative experience in inspiringthem to become catalysts of social change and leave a lasting impact on the communities.

On Day Two, the students will visit a rural tribal village (Rasabeda in Angara block of Ranchi) and spend time with the villagers.

They will engage in a wide range of activities, including cultural exchange, and group discussion sessions aimed at identifying pressing real issues and challenges. They will get to experience first-hand the realities of rural life and learn about the unique challenges faced by these communities.

On Day Three, the students will work together to develop practical and innovative solutions to some of the social issues that they have observed during their time in the village. They will have the opportunity to present their ideas to a panel of experts and community leaders and receive feedback.

Last updated on 15 May 2023
04:33 AM
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