Climate change is a natural phenomenon, not a manmade one

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Posted on 21 May 2024
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Man’s fault

Drastic climatic changes have occurred since life sprouted on Earth, but the changes we are witnessing now are not natural. The ruthless destruction of green cover, filling
of water bodies and use of fossil fuels increases greenhouse gases. Holding nature responsible for global warming is like throwing an apple from the roof and holding gravity solely responsible for its fall.


Soumalya Dey
Class XII, PM SHRI K.V. No. 1, Salt Lake, Calcutta

High emissions

Rapid industrialisation leads to high carbon dioxide emissions, which affects the climate.

Ishani Dutta
Second year, Victoria Institution College, Calcutta

Sole reason

Climate change was natural before 1800 but after the Industrial Revolution, it is largely due to the collective efforts of human beings and their innovatively destructive ways of life.

Adrija Mondal
Class XII, Kalyani Central Model School, Kalyani

Change must

Human action against Nature has made the earth hotter than ever. Severe repercussions will be seen if humans don’t change their attitude.

Harsh Nathani
Third year, The Bhowanipur Education Society College, Calcutta


Whimsical Nature

It cannot be said that the climate is changing only because of humans, nature’s whimsicality also plays a part. There was no environment-pollution during ancient civilisations. So why were these destroyed? They were destroyed by Nature’s capriciousness.

Ahona Sanyal
Class XI, Sarat Kumari Girls’ High School, Santipur

Volcanic heat

Volcanic eruptions emit greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide as well as volcanic ashes. Global volcanic activity includes volcanic lakes, hydrothermal areas and emission from mid ocean ridges. Adding all this, 645 million tonnes of carbon dioxide is emitted per year, contributing to global warming.

Angona Mallick
Class VII, Krishnagar Academy,

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