How to Make Your Executive Resume Stand Out in 2023

Pranav Jha
Pranav Jha
Posted on 07 Nov 2022
11:23 AM
Pranav Jha is a Director of AP Web World

Pranav Jha is a Director of AP Web World Source: Pranav Jha

Pranav Jha is a Director of AP Web World and Marketing Director, Writrox
Pranav Jha has bestowed his consultation in many aspects of digital marketing

About the author: Pranav Jha is a Director of AP Web World and Marketing Director, Writrox, with 10+ years of expertise in Advanced Digital Marketing strategies, Brand Growth, Business Development, and LinkedIn growth. He has bestowed his consultation in many aspects of digital marketing, such as Google Ads, SEO, Digital Strategy & Planning, Brand Strategy, and other relevant things.

No matter what position you're gunning for, a polished and updated resume is the one thing you can't skip! That is the reason your resume is a showcasing device. Many individuals imagine that it's an expert's history, sharing subtleties on all that you've at any point finished or been liable for at each spot you've worked.

This isn't true. Your resume ought to be kept in touch with the future - to the position you need to acquire next in your profession. That's what to do, your resume needs these three things: individual marking, a wow factor, and quantifiable achievements. Consolidating these three establishes a strong first connection that assists you with standing apart from different candidates.


Almost all companies use the Application Tracking System (ATS) to automate, speed up and streamline the hiring process. This software is designed to gatekeep the application which matches the requirement of the hiring manager. So if you want to get called for an interview, you need to make sure it's created according to ATS keywords.

Things your resume should incorporate to stand apart from others:

1. Individual Branding

Individual branding is straightforward. It recounts the tale of your capabilities and triumphs while intensely winding around the brilliant string of your enthusiasm, character, work/initiative style, and other remarkable identifiers. It’s an adage that this is the kind of person I am and the sort of person I’m not.

Begin with serious areas of strength for an assertion at the highest point of your resume. You’ll join your title and marking proclamation to make an offer that requests your objective business.

2. The Wow Factor

Wow factor alludes to what is the most significant, great, and important data about you as a contender for this work. Your wow factor separates you from different applicants, so you’re not mixing into the stack.

Your wow articulations should be explicit. They should tell the employing chief what you did, not what you were liable for. Your wow articulations will go in your outline, experience segment, praises and grants area, and schooling segment, if appropriate.

3. Classic Resume Format and Font

With regards to Format and Font, choose a simple perfect format. Resumes with purported F and E pattern designs, which mirror how our eyes check site pages, hold a recruiter’s consideration for longer than those adjusted down the middle, or from right to left.

There’s no particular “best” font style for resumes, yet you should choose a similar textual style all through. Play with various sizes to attract a recruiter’s eye to key pieces of your resume (look at the bolded figures on the resume layout for thoughts). Sans serif text styles like Arial or Calibri are typically great wagers

4. Add critical keywords

Try not to tragically answer each application for employment with a similar conventional resume. All things considered, it requires a couple of additional minutes to reflect on the keywords and expressions inside the promotion. You’ll be substantially more liable to come to the following round of employment, particularly in the event that an applicant tracking system (a PC program intended to get rid of competitors) has at least something to do with it.

Try not to pack in as many keywords as you can, or rehash similar words again and again — you’ll wind up seeming like a bot yourself. However, do get as close as possible to the language of the expected set of responsibilities, and keep it short, crisp, and straight to the point.

5. Make an Impact

Mention your relevant work insight in reverse sequential order, and use activity action words (“generated,” “spearheaded,” “executed”) wherever fitted.

Try not to simply list your old work titles. To demonstrate you personally merit an employing supervisor’s time, you’ll have to feature some substantial “wins.” Measurements that expand upon your abilities segment are generally significant — extra focuses assuming they show a history of development, income, and benefit.

6. Skills with Bullet Points

Leave the resume objective (no one actually tends to think about the thing that is no joke) and lead with the great stuff all things being equal. The highest point of your resume ought to incorporate basic keywords and a fast depiction of your center assets. List items are a strong decision — they stand apart regardless of whether somebody is simply skimming your resume.

This is one more chance to show how you’ve helped your organization “scatter change,” since the pandemic's beginning. Tech abilities that demonstrate you have some new computerized expertise, regardless of whether it’s simply with Zoom and Slack, are fair game.

As we know resume writing is a form of concise writing. So keep in mind that a resume should be written for the position you want to obtain. For that, as mentioned in this article, your resume needs personal branding, a wow factor, and quantifiable accomplishments. Combining all these factors makes a powerful impression on the recruiter that helps you stand out from other applicants. For an outstanding resume, you need to hire a professional resume writing company and Writrox provides you with all your needs to pen down a resume according to your requirement.

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11:23 AM
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