How to become a celebrity manager: skills, responsibilities and courses

Nancy Jaiswal
Nancy Jaiswal
Posted on 31 Aug 2022
14:01 PM
A celebrity manager is an experienced professional who manages a celebrity’s workload effectively

A celebrity manager is an experienced professional who manages a celebrity’s workload effectively Source: pixahive

Celebrities managers work for their respective celebrities, helping to coordinate their schedules, negotiate contracts, and manage their reputation in the media
Armed with the right set of skills, and the ability to build rapport and professional relationships, celebrity management can be an interesting and rewarding profession for you

A celebrity manager is an experienced professional who helps manage a celebrity’s workload effectively by providing them with regular support and assistance. When we say the word celebrity, the first idea that comes to mind are glamour, glitz and showbiz. But what what seems so effortless on the outside, takes a lot of work behind the scenes. Celebrities may include actors, singers, dancers, performers, athletes and performers. They are often occupied with numerous professional commitments and it gets difficult to manage everything all by themselves. The task of a celebrity manager would be to constantly coordinate with the celebrity regarding their schedules, negotiate contracts on their behalf, and manage the celebrity’s public reputation.

Let’s take a look at the…

Responsibilities of a celebrity manager


The major task of a celebrity manager is to manage the reputation and thereafter build and promote the careers of their clients by representing them in multiple situations. In a nutshell, then, the responsibilities of a celebrity manager include:

  • Managing their celebrity's social media handles and assisting in the creation of content
  • Organising the celebrity’s daily schedule and keeping track of their appointments
  • Responding to media requests for exclusive interviews and other information
  • Booking tours and trips for promotional appearances and coordinating with event management companies.
  • Building relations on behalf of the celebrity with big companies as well as media houses
  • Negotiating on behalf of the celebrity, for work, promotions and other endorsements
  • Protecting a celebrity’s reputation and managing their overall image
  • In case a celebrity also owns/runs a brand or brands, the celebrity manager may also be looking into the PR for the same

How to become a celebrity manager

Of course, one of the first things you need to work in celebrity management is a passion for the task at hand - it is not an easy area to work in and one needs to be a self-starter. However, when it comes to arming yourself with the knowledge and wherewithal you need to do the job well, here is what you need to do:

1. Earn a bachelor's degree

Celebrity managers must hold some amount of expertise just like any other management professional. Pursuing a bachelor's degree in Literature, Film, or Arts Management can help you get into celebrity management.

A candidate willing to make a career in the field should also consider applying to universities in cities with strong theatre, film, arts, sports or entertainment backgrounds such as Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai, for the simple reason that it gives you greater exposure and increases your chances of landing your dream job.

2. Gain work experience

Another important step towards becoming a celebrity manager is gaining entry-level work experience. Working as an intern in an organisation that handles the PR of celebrities and gaining hands-on experience will give you first hand knowledge and experience that even a standard celebrity management course will not be able to provide adequately. Once you start to branch off on your own, this experience gained will prove invaluable. The added perk of this is that you get to meet a lo of celebrities, making it easier for you to find clients later.

3. Do additional certification courses

A valid certificate from a recognised global learning institute can help you in advancing your career and attracting clients. While ultimately what counts is your sincerity on the job, to get your foot in the door, you need to have a CV that shines. And these courses are just what you need to get yourself noticed in the initial stages. Some of the best certificate courses to assist you in your career growth are:

  • Certificate in Celebrity Management from New Delhi Institution of Event Management, IIEM
  • Diploma in Celebrity Management from Balaji ICE Institute, Mumbai
  • Artist Management for the Music Business from Udemy

But training isn’t all. As a celebrity manager, there are certain qualities that are must-haves.

Skills that a celebrity manager must have

Interpersonal Skills: Celebrity managers interact with clients, publicists, employers, and many other professionals on a regular basis, hence they must have strong interpersonal skills to collaborate and work with all types of people.

Management Skills: Celebrity managers perform similar duties as that of a personal or administrative manager. This includes managing appointments, coordinating with various stakeholders, answering phone calls and responding to emails. An applicant looking forward to making a successful career in the industry must excel in this skill to gain big contacts.

Negotiating skills: Negotiating gigs, appearances, or roles for clients is also a day-to-day activity for any good celebrity manager. A candidate aiming to take up the role must be comfortable in negotiating contracts and deals along with being persuasive and confident.

Multitasking skills: A competent manager must also be able to oversee many events and tasks at once. Hence, as a manager, you must be good at managing time, be ​​highly organised and able to perform excellently when working against tight deadlines.

While a celebrity manager’s work may be more than just a regular 9 to 5 job, their scope of work can also be more exciting. Celebrity managers look after their client’s business while also being their support system in times of need. And if you think that this is indeed your calling - start preparing today!

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