Career as a Photographer: Should you take up photography as a profession-Finally Answered!

Nancy Jaiswal
Nancy Jaiswal
Posted on 16 Jul 2022
09:42 AM
Photography is blend of artistic and technical skills

Photography is blend of artistic and technical skills Source: PxHere

A career in photography grants the photographer an entirely new perspective towards daily life
Photography helps people get over daily anxiety, stress and overwhelming situations

In the modern world, capturing pictures is a completely personal affair. One does not require a professional camera or expensive equipment or software to capture their special moments. The advancements in technology has made it possible for people to take breathtaking pictures even with a phone camera. So what sets a professional photographer apart from the rest? Is it just an in-depth knowledge of light, exposure, composition and editing? Or is there something more that sets them apart from the amateurs?

What does it mean to pursue a career as photographer?

The old saying goes: “A picture is worth a thousand words”. A person pursuing a career in photography captures remarkable moments for others so that they can remember it in crisp detail for life. In other words, they create pictures that speak a thousand words for their clients. And while the camera will do the job of capturing what the eyes see - it is the photographer’s job to ‘see’ the perfect moments and capture them.


But besides being able to capture stunning photos - what could be some of the other reasons to be a photographer? Let’s find out.

A modern day photographer requires the skills and knowledge to capture it the right way

A modern day photographer requires the skills and knowledge to capture it the right way Source: Justdial

Top 3 reasons to be a photographer

The term photography, from a career perspective, means much more than just hitting the camera button. By all means, if you are passionate about it give it your everything, you will be able to create exceptional photographs. But there are a few other perks that a career in photography can bring you. Here’s taking a look at some of these:

A new creative challenge every day: Photography grants you an entirely new and different perspective towards your day to day life, very different from the monotony of corporates. It allows you to use your equipment to turn almost everything into a story or a work of art.

An elixir for your mental health: Over the years photography has helped countless people get over daily anxiety, stress and overwhelming situations. The time spent in capturing photos can act like an alternative therapy helping to uplift one’s mood. Spending some quality time with your creative and imagination can surely give your mental health a boost.

Opportunities for networking: A career in photography in the contemporary era often demands collaborations. Regardless of the genre you choose to work in, a photographer gets the opportunity to network with other reputed personalities on a regular basis.

3 qualities every photographer should have

The dominating social media world of today has largely degraded the concept of good photography. Because good photography is much more than the number of ‘likes’ and ‘shares’. Let’s take a look at the top 3 qualities that make for good photography:

-Perspective: A good photographer is someone that understands the craft of photography and can see things in a way that others can’t. He must be someone who is willing to evoke response and value human emotions at the same time.

-Ethics: Even a single photograph can have a huge impact. But even while taking impactful photos, especially in sensitive situations, a photographer must be able to do so with dignity. For instance, when he is shooting photographs of poor and needy people, he must make sure that the subjects in no way feels uncomfortable in his presence.

-Patience: Calmness and patience is at the heart of this profession. A person willing to pursue a career in photography should master this art like none other. To excel in photography, one needs experience, which can only come from being patient and keeping at it.

And finally. Let’s take a look at the things you must do to take up photography professionally.

Mastering the craft of photography is an art that may never end in itself

Mastering the craft of photography is an art that may never end in itself Source: stockvault

Steps to take up photography as a career

Enroll in course: If you wish to hone your skills in the profession then taking up a course can jumpstart the journey for you. Numerous photography schools in and around the city offer two types courses: standard and professional. If you are a beginner, consider going for the standard ones first. Once you have gained some experience, you can sign up for a professional course or work as an apprentice with an experienced professional and learn directly from them.

Set up a professional page: Self marketing can turn out to be the real game changer in this profession. Once you feel you are ready for it, set up a page across popular social media handles to showcase your portfolio. This will not only help you to share your work, but also put you in touch with potential clients.

Network and communication: Nearly 90% of the work in the professional photography field depends on building contacts and relationships. As a beginner trying to set foot in the field of photography focus on delivering your best and building relationships with your clients. A lot of the popularity of a professional photographer actually comes from word-of-mouth.

To conclude, photography is the fastest emerging career choice amongst the modern generation. And it can be a highly rewarding career, personally and commercially - as long as you go at it with passion and commitment. So, put in your best - and the rest will follow!

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