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Chandreyee Ghose
Chandreyee Ghose
Posted on 25 Apr 2024
11:25 AM
BIrla High School musical for annual day

BIrla High School musical for annual day Pictures: The Telegraph

Classes IV and V of Birla High School presented Echoes of the Seven Seas, an adaptation of The Adventures of Sindbad, for their annual concert on March 23

Birla High School

Classes IV and V of Birla High School presented Echoes of the Seven Seas, an adaptation of The Adventures of Sindbad, for their annual concert on March 23.

The musical opens with Sindbad, a brave sailor, taking off on an adventure to India with his loyal crew. The audience are taken through all the ports that Sindbad touches, including Bengal, Gujarat and some islands. The performers of Class I performed a sea animal dance, dressed up as octopus, jellyfish and other creatures, adding some marine magic on stage.

As the story unfolded, Class II students showcased the rough sea’s wilderness through an energetic dance.


Performers of Class III staged a colourful Gujarati dance, showcasing the rich traditions of the region. Students of Class III also performed a vibrant whale dance.

Sindbad’s ship also arrived on the shores of Sri Lanka, as the musical progressed. Students of Class V performed a local dance, adding to the adventure and celebration.

In Bengal, Sindbad and his crew were mistaken for invaders by the local people. Classes III and IV enacted the scene through the traditional Raibeshe dance, capturing the high tension and confusion of the encounter.

Grade IV students performed a graceful Bhatiyali dance to showcase the state’s culture and music.

Throughout the performance, the choir enchanted the audience with their musical recounting of Sindbad’s various adventures. The combination of live music and storytelling captivated the audience comprising parents.

“Our annual concert Echoes of The Seven Seas was a showcase of talent and creativity that filled us all at Birla High School with immense pride and joy. As we embarked on an extraordinary journey guided by the timeless tales of Sinbad the sailor, our students too embarked on a voyage of discovery, navigating challenges with courage and determination. We appreciate the skills and values that the children have embraced in preparing for this production - resilience teamwork and curiosity being a few among many,” said headmistress Farida Singh.

St Xavier's Institution, Panihati

St Xavier's Institution sports for junior section at Panihati

St Xavier's Institution sports for junior section at Panihati

The junior section of St Xavier's Institution, Panihati, had their sports meet spread over six days during school hours. Guardians were invited on the days their wards took part in the event.

A week before the run-up to the main events, students took part in rigorous practice sessions to perfect moves.

On all the six days, the meet began with a drill performance by the respective class. The little ones pulled off a brilliant show each day as they showcased their agility and well-coordinated moves. The guardians were left impressed and cheering.

Toddlers took part in an event called Rolly Polly. The kids presented a pretty sight as they, armed with fruits and vegetable cutouts, ran for the love of racing.

Next it was the turn of Lower Nursery children. They took place in a flat race and a thematic one called Conny Bonny, where they ran wearing the headgear of a rabbit.

The next day was scheduled for the Nursery kids. They took part in two events - Hues Galore and a flat race for both boys and girls. The best sight was when kids cheered their classmates fostering healthy competition and camaraderie.

Kindergarten children took part in a flat race and another thematic race called Jazzy Up, where children had to wear hats and sunglasses and run.

After a gap of a few days, Classes I and II took part in their meet held on the same day. Again there was a drill, flat race and thematic races to cater to every talent. All the participants were cheered by their classmates, teachers and guardians. Separate days were also scheduled for Classes III and IV.

"It was a wonderful time for our students. They were very excited about their sports meet. It included all. There were events to suit every talent. The drill brought out the creativity in kids," said headmistress Anju Banerjee.

Sri Sri Academy

The junior section of Sri Sri Academy organised a two-day sports meet, Sphurti 2024, in February. The theme was United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

As part of the event the students also decorated their school with vibrant artwork made of recycled cardboard papers and fabric.

The guests of honour on both days were Farida Singh, headmistress of Birla High School, Arpita Bose, principal of Little Angels Montessori House and Sanjana Vakharia, director of Mongrace Montessori House. The meet began with the chanting of Om Sahana Vavatu on both days.

The first day had relay races for Classes III, IV and V that not only portrayed the physical agility of students but promoted sustainable development goals. Children promoted the need to reduce, reuse and recycle. Other display events included a Bratachari Dance that paid tribute to the Bramhachari Movement by Gurusaday Dutt in 1932.

The second half of Day I had students of Sri Kripa Learning Center, an after-school outreach programme of Sri Sri Academy, taking part karate, yoga and drill displays and races.

Day II of Sphurti had little ones of Lower and Upper Nursery taking part in different races and relays. They also presented drills. The little ones spread green message through every event.

"Sphurti was dedicated to the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The races and drills were all connected to a goal. The entire team worked very hard to keep the ethos of the school high," said the principal.

Orchids The International School

Orchids session on cyber security

Orchids session on cyber security

The students of Orchids The International School, attended a workshop on cybersecurity and how to negotiate online threats. Experts from Institute For Cyber Legal Training and Consultancy conducted the session, educating the children on technology and its flip side.

The workshop offered the students a crash-course on network security, data protection, threat detection and response, incident management and compliance regulations. The workshop also educated the students on the best practices for securing systems and data. They were told why it is necessary to protect documents with strong passwords.

Rajarshi Rai Choudhury, director of Institute For Cyber Legal Training and Consultancy, said: "Our goal extended beyond conventional approaches to cybersecurity education. We aspire to redefine how students view cybersecurity – not merely as a technical subject, but as an engaging and relevant experience. Through our workshop we aim to cultivate a genuine passion for cybersecurity, one that surpasses theoretical knowledge, to touch upon practical application"

The workshop provided students with in-depth training on critical security topics, offered them a comprehensive understanding of online threats and equipped them with necessary skills to mitigate them.

Students also discussed ways they can keep important documents password-protected. There were hands-on activities and simulations that further reinforced their cybersecurity knowledge.

Principal Bidyunmala Salunke said: "This initiative stands as a testament to our commitment to nurturing dynamic and engaging learning environments at every level. It goes beyond traditional approaches by equipping educators with innovative tools that directly contribute to our students' success in future. The workshop fostered an atmosphere where students not only learnt but also thrived in a new atmosphere and enriched themselves."

Heritage Academy High School

Students of Heritage Academy High School make Crafts out of Waste

Students of Heritage Academy High School make Crafts out of Waste

Heritage Academy High School hosted a talent fest on the occasion of their annual day on April 6. This is the school's signature event, including all classes and organised every year as a tribute to the school's late rector, Soumya Sadhan Bose.

Throughout the day different competitions were held offering students a platform to showcase their talents. The day started with a painting competition organised for the little ones from Preparatory, Class I and II. The next event was handwriting competition for Classes I and II. The highlights of the day were elocution and extempore meets where students from Preparatory to Class VI took part.

The students also enjoyed taking part in a fancy dress competition and a culinary event. The cooking competition was arranged for both the junior and senior classes. The participants were dressed in chef hats and aprons and they were each given a certain time limit to carry out some interesting cooking.

Also on the cards was a closely-fought debate where the motion was, "Should regional languages be given more importance than English in the educational system?" Students brought out different aspects of the issue.

Students also took part storytelling and magazine cover designing. There was a quiz for Classes VIII to XI.

The final event was “Craft out of Waste” that saw students making interesting craftwork and spreading awareness on how to recycle and reuse useful waste.

"The annual day celebration at Heritage Academy High School seeks to cultivate inherent talents in the students. The enthusiasm of the students and the dedication of the teaching and non-teaching faculty members was truly commendable, like every year," said administrator Sourya Sadhan Bose.

National English School

The graduating class of National English School leaves an indelible mark as they deliver a captivating dance performance, showcasing their talent and dedication to their peers one last time before embarking on new adventures.

The graduating class of National English School leaves an indelible mark as they deliver a captivating dance performance, showcasing their talent and dedication to their peers one last time before embarking on new adventures.

Senior students of National English School organised a grand farewell, Sayonara 2024, for the outgoing batch. It was an afternoon filled with nostalgia, emotions andheartfelt wishes.

The students came in their best clothes, eager to have fun with their classmates. There was delightful music, dance performances and stories of shared experiences. Students of the outgoing batch also presented a dance performance to a thunderous applause. There was a fashion show that won all hearts. There were awards and mementoes for the senior-most batch members that left them ecstatic.

Symbolising the end of a significant chapter, a cake-cutting ceremony took place.

Principal Mousumi Saha gave a speech, wishing each student a bright future ahead. Her emotional goodbye message deeply resonated with the students.

Everybody was eager to take pictures, talk about their happy memories and future plans. The students left with broad smiles and moist eyes, promising to stay connected with their roots forever.

"Reflecting on Sayonara 2024, I see the indelible mark our school has left on each graduate. With every step, may they carry our teachings as beacons of wisdom," said the principal.

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