Playing video games makes students smarter

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Posted on 05 Mar 2024
06:46 AM
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Bad influence

Actually, playing video games makes students dull. The video games shift their interest from studies towards playing, often for long hours. It leads to a drastic change in his or her personality and even academic performance. The students may become smart enough to trick their parents but perhaps not enough to succeed in real life.


Kamal Majhi
Class IX, St. Agnes School, Kharagpur

Distracts students

Playing a lot of video games distracts students from their education. Their studies are hampered because of a lack of interest and the inability to retain information because of too much screen time. I think that it is education that makes students smarter.

Sutanu Goswami
Class X, Guskara P. P. Institution, Purba Bardhaman

Hampers creativity

While playing video games may make students experts in that particular game, it fails to make them smarter in real life. New players in video games are guided with instructions, making them follow a path set by the developer. This hinders a student’s creativity and the brain’s ability to explore or think critically. As they get used to being guided in virtual life, in real life they become lazy and addicted to games. Also, they do not develop the habit of playing outdoors, and therefore are not physically fit.

Moubani Paul
First year, BCom, Bijoy Krishna Girls’ College, Howrah


Teaches focus

Video games not only test players’ focus and resilience but also force them to be creative and competitive. Games like Minecraft provide players the space to unleash their creativity that cannot be given free reign in the real world. Games, if they do not hamper studies and are played with discipline, can certainly make students smarter.

Baibhab Paul
Class X, St. Xavier’s School, Alipurduar

Develops strategy

Video games like Dota 2 can help students navigate stressful situations without losing their cool. In-game worlds work differently, they can make students become resilient as they come face to face with virtual failures. Gamers develop quick responses and strategy to win.

Adrija Mondal
Class XI, Kalyani Central Model School, Kalyani

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