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University of Essex to hold free online courses on addressing mental health issues in kids

Our Correspondent
Our Correspondent
Posted on 09 May 2022
19:26 PM
Free course on children’s mental health offered by the University of Essex.

Free course on children’s mental health offered by the University of Essex. Source: University of Essex

Experts from the University of Essex’s Department of Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies to lead the courses
The courses will deal with topics like body image disorder, gender identity difficulties, self-harm and school intervention

United Kingdom-based University of Essex is offering a series of free online courses to spread awareness about the challenges faced by children and address mental health problems in young adolescents.

Titled ‘Why won't they behave? Why can't they learn?’, the series aims to cover body image disorder, gender identity difficulties, and self-harm and challenging behaviour.

Experts from the university’s Department of Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies (PPS) will also provide insights into the use of psychodynamic counselling and the positive roles of schools. Educators, parents and anyone working with children, especially vulnerable or traumatised children, are welcome to join the courses, the varsity said in a press communique.


Chris Tanner, senior lecturer at PPS, University of Essex, said, “We are delighted to be running this series of free courses. We are committed to supporting all who work with vulnerable or traumatised clients through learning about relational approaches based on psychodynamic thinking.”

The topics and dates of the programme are as follows:

  • May 13: Chris Nicholson, head of PPS at University of Essex will conduct a session on understanding and working with children suffering from self-harming behaviour. Following a presentation on the introduction to self-harm and what is known about it, a workshop on the ‘self-harm spectrum’ will be conducted by the expert. During the workshop, learners can share their experiences and ask questions. Nicholson has a vast background in children’s service and has set up The Junction Young Person’s service for Colchester MIND.
  • June 14: Sue Kegerreis, renowned psychodynamic counsellor, will conduct the talk on ‘Why won’t they behave? Why can’t they learn?’. She will be discussing less obvious factors about children who are disruptive or difficult to manage or who are inhibited in or resistant to learning.
  • June 21: Nicholson will be conducting another session for the learners. This session will deal with the topic ‘Under Pressure: Therapeutic work in residential children’s homes’. He will be talking about the aspects of therapeutic work in residential children’s homes.
  • July 6: This session is primarily for support staff who work with traumatised children. An expert will talk about the role of supporting staff and how the stress of working in the environment can be managed.
  • June 29: A session, ‘Be Yourself’, will take a look at school intervention. The use of a virtual reality environment for early assessment and prevention of body image disorder and gender identity difficulties in children.

The sessions of the course act as an introduction to the Foundation Degree/BA Therapeutic Communication and Therapeutic Organisations course which professionals working in the mental health sector opt for.

The courses can be attended free of cost and are open to all. However, participants are encouraged to register in advance.

To register click here

Last updated on 09 May 2022
19:26 PM
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