Uniform Junction and TinkRworks partner to bring STEM learning & robotics to Indian schools

Our Correspondent
Our Correspondent
Posted on 31 Aug 2022
14:59 PM


TinkRworks and Uniform Junction bringing 21st-century skills to Indian schools through STEM-based education
In the upcoming years, the development of edtech in India will be accelerated by the digitization of education and policy impetus provided by NEP

TinkRworks, a global leader in providing STEM education, and Uniform Junction, an Arvind Mafatlal Group company in the EdTech sector, announced a strategic partnership aimed at enhancing the goals of National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020) for students and bringing 21st-century skills to Indian schools through STEM-based education.

In order to prepare students, instructors, and learners for the future, the alliance will put a special emphasis on introducing international standards to STEM, coding, and problem-solving courses. Using a single platform will also assist schools in adjusting to the holistic and NEP-based framework.

Uniform Junction, a curated marketplace for K12 learning, is fervently committed to meeting the demand for K-12 education technology and bringing a variety of comprehensive learning solutions to schools. Since its founding in 2021, Uniform Junction has engaged more than 500 schools across India. To further solidify its position as India's leading provider of school technology solutions, Uniform Junction has steadfastly pushed to create collaborations with ed-tech companies on an international scale.


“We are currently engaged with 100+ ed-tech partners (and growing) with over 30+ in various stages of integration," said Ameet Zaveri, Uniform Junction’s CEO.

"NEP is set to become the mainstay of education in India. It is the blueprint for a new kind of learning that will equip students, teachers, and learners with the STEM arsenal to solve complex problems and enhance decision-making. We're thrilled to be working with TinkRworks, an innovator in EdTech, focused on enhancing students’ problem-solving capabilities through a combination of curriculum, hands-on kits, coding environment, and the learning platform," he added.

The Indian edtech business is anticipated to generate USD 3.2 billion this year and USD 10.4 billion by 2025, according to projections. In the upcoming years, the development of edtech in India will be accelerated by the digitization of education and policy impetus provided by NEP.

Talking about the partnership, TinkRworks’ CEO and Co-founder said, “Though we have been contacted by several Indian EdTech companies for partnership opportunities, without hesitancy, we have elected to forge an exclusive partnership with UJ given the unparalleled vision, focus, and approach UJ is taking in this space—we’re truly excited about this opportunity and look forward to a great partnership.”

"TinkRworks’ partnership with Uniform Junction will not only enhance the learning opportunities for schools but also encourage diverse thinking and idea generation across the industry. We are dedicated to solving some of the biggest challenges facing educators, administrators, and learners wherever they are in the learning journey. India is at the centre of our vision to bring STEAM education to students at an early age,” he added.

Uniform Junction and TinkRworks will demonstrate their ideas, products, and services to schools, trainers, and industry and media experts over the next few weeks in a planned 3-city visit across India. You can learn more about the collaboration here: https://www.uniformjunction.com/page/ujlearn-and-tinkrworks-collaboration

Last updated on 31 Aug 2022
14:59 PM
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