Rapid Growth in Female Online Enrollment in Tier 2 & 3 Cities: Bihar and Gujarat Shine

Our Correspondent
Our Correspondent
Posted on 22 Sep 2023
13:22 PM

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The top 5 courses favored by female learners include Online MBA in HR & Marketing, BBA, BCA, MCA, and MA in Psychology ? Tier 2 and 3 cities emerged as powerful contributors to this transformative movement. Cities like Bihar and Gujarat are taking center stage
Over the past year, the enrollment ratio for women has surged by nearly 500%, escalating from around 1,000 admissions in 2021 to almost 2,000 in 2022

The online education landscape is rapidly transforming in India, with the surge in online learning gaining unprecedented momentum. Keeping up with the movement, more female learners are seizing the opportunity to pursue their academic aspirations from the comfort of their homes, overcoming barriers such as travel constraints, and relocation for studies especially after marriage and family responsibilities.

A recent study conducted by College Vidya, a platform helping students make informed online education choices, sheds light on this burgeoning trend reshaping women's education in the country.

Rohit Gupta, Co-Founder and COO of College Vidya said, "Our study unveils a profound transformation within the education landscape. Witnessing women wholeheartedly embrace online degrees, breaking through the barriers that once confined them, fills us with immense pride. This transformative journey marks a momentous stride towards gender equality and cultivating a workforce that's prepared for the future."


The study reveals that in the quest for professional growth and personal development, female learners across India make conscious choices to enroll in online courses that align with their career aspirations. The top five courses that have emerged as favorites among female learners include online MBA in HR & Marketing, BBA, BCA, MCA, and MA in Psychology.

The study further highlights that the trend is not confined to major Tier 1 cities alone; Tier 2 and 3 cities are also stepping up to the plate. While Tier 1 states like Delhi stand at 22.19% and Maharashtra at 13.04% (showcasing impressive performance percentages), Tier 2 states like Bihar account for 5.40% and Gujarat (3.45%). The data underscores a compelling paradigm shift as female students from these cities opt for prestigious online degrees from India's top-notch universities, realizing the pivotal role of quality education in their journey to success.

As the enrollment numbers climb month by month, a fascinating trend in the gender ratio emerges. College Vidya’s study highlights that the percentage of female enrollments grew from 27% to 28% in the last months, marking a progressive and inclusive approach to accessing higher education. The study also finds that the enrollment ratio for women has remarkably surged by nearly 500%, starting from around 1,000 admissions in 2021 to almost 2,000 in 2022 and 5000 in 2023.

The growth isn't restricted by age; it transcends generations. The data reveals a diverse age range, indicating that young learners and homemakers actively seek educational empowerment. From ages 18 to 32, the spectrum of learners speaks volumes about the universal appeal of online education.

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