NIFT professor Sumantra Bakshi shares lessons on How to be a Fashion Designer

Jaismita Alexander
Jaismita Alexander
Posted on 14 May 2022
16:40 PM
Sumantra Bakshi, associate professor, National Institute of Fashion Technology, shared tips on Fashion Designing as a career.

Sumantra Bakshi, associate professor, National Institute of Fashion Technology, shared tips on Fashion Designing as a career. Source: TT-Edugraph

The session kick-started The Telegraph - Edugraph’s ‘How to be a…’ monthly series of webinars
Sumantra Bakshi throws light on fashion designing as a course and a career option

Creative thinking and an eye for detail can help you shine as a Fashion Designer, said Sumantra Bakshi, an associate professor at National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Kolkata, at a webinar titled ‘How To be a Fashion Designer’ — the first in a series being hosted by The Telegraph-Edugraph.

The virtual session was divided into two parts. In the first 30 minutes, Bakshi spoke about the nitty-gritty of Fashion Designing as a career option. He also presented a slide show to elucidate his points. In the second half, Bakshi answered questions from students. The hour-long webinar was attended by more than 400 students aspiring to be fashion designers.

10 takeaways from the webinar:


1. Fashion Designing has different branches like Product Designing, Apparel Designing, Space Designing, Look Designing and Communication Designing.

2. To be a fashion designer, one needs to have creative thinking and know how to present one’s thoughts through art and design.

3. Presentation is an important part of Fashion Designing.

4. An aspiring Fashion Designer must develop the habit of observing every little detail and patterns around.

5. The process of design involves creative, critical and design thinking.

6. Understanding material is important in Fashion Designing as that’s the primary resource designers work with.

7. Drawing skills are not important to study Fashion Designing and skills can be developed in a good institution.

8. Fashion Designing course can be pursued after Class XII and students from other undergraduate courses can join too.

9. The career options after completing a Fashion Designing course are Staff Designer, Entrepreneurship, Merchandiser, Design Researcher, Fashion Stylist, Fashion Photographer etc.

10. One can study Fashion Designing at National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), National Institute of Design (NID), Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Schools of Design, foreign universities and design institutes.

Sumantra Bakshi is an alumnus of the University of Calcutta and Jadavpur University. He completed his PhD in Engineering and has been working in the textile industry with focus on higher education for over two decades. He takes interest in textile design, technology, sustainable processes and product development.

Last updated on 14 May 2022
16:40 PM
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