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ACCA’s ‘The Future is in the Curriculum’ campaign to make students future-ready

Agrima Tikader
Agrima Tikader
Posted on 19 Feb 2022
16:58 PM
ACCA grabs the attention of young learners with its promotional video for The Future is in the Curriculum campaign.

ACCA grabs the attention of young learners with its promotional video for The Future is in the Curriculum campaign. Source: ACCA

The campaign aims to help learners gain the technical skills needed to cope with the increasing automation in accounts and finance
An acapella video produced for the campaign is one of its key assets

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), a global accounting body, has launched ‘The Future is in the Curriculum’ campaign to nurture finance and accounting students, and make them future-ready with tech skills they would need in order to excel at workspaces.

To make learners job-ready, this campaign will deal with topics such as artificial intelligence in accountancy, automation and analytics in finance, cyber risk management, and cloud-based accounting, ACCA stated in a press communique.

According to ACCA, the ever-evolving fields of accounts and finance are witnessing rapid automation with the emergence of new technologies. Many accounting tasks are no longer required to be completed manually. Thus, to keep up with the steady rise in automation, young accountancy and finance professionals need to possess technical and communication skills. They also need to apply technology-related solutions in their workplace, ACCA stated in its press communique.


ACCA is a global community with around 233,000 current and 536,000 future members from 178 countries and regions. The members of the association are professionals who work across a variety of industries and sectors. Having been established in 1904, the association works in the public interest to encourage the value of accounting in society.

One of the main assets of the campaign is the promotional acapella video that had been produced by a Mumbai-based digital marketing agency, Schbang. Artists from diverse backgrounds, who are members of the band Aflatunes, lent their vocals, replacing instruments, to create a topic-specific song. The band combined the traditional acapella style with the art of beatboxing to bring the ideas of the creative agency Ideas@work to life.

ACCA adopted the video as a part of the campaign as a fascinating way to grab the attention of young learners. The short video was created in English but has also been dubbed in Malayalam and Tamil.

Click here to view the video

Pooja Seth, the head of marketing for ACCA in India, said, “ACCA believes this video is a great way to communicate our campaign theme, which is focused on getting students future-ready in an ever-evolving world of accounts and finance, to the Generation Z audience. The acapella track focuses on empowering students with an optimistic lyric set, and will resonate well with Generation Z.”

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17:07 PM
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