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Digital Gurukul's 'Alt MBA' programme to focus on running start-ups

Posted on 15 Jun 2022
10:44 AM
Scale-up and start-up companies often recruit talented managers with New-Age MBA degrees. Source: Shutterstock
The six-month programme can be enrolled with major crypto currencies
The programme will start with a batch of 'Super 25' in August 2022, with plans to expand numbers to 35 per cohort

Students who feel the Rs 15 to Rs 30 lakh fee for a classic MBA course is really steep can consider a six-month programme focused on running start-ups and scaleups. 

Here’s an alternative to consider: a six-month 'Alt-MBA' at Digital Gurukul, which is specifically geared towards preparing people to lead and manage start-ups, can be enrolled with major cryptos, such as Bitcoin, Etherium, Koubek Token and BNB. 

"There are more than 5,000 business schools in India, but only five per cent of them are able to make an MBA school student employable. That is the heartbreaking reality. This means there are business schools, which are providing the MBA degree against a  huge amount of money from a gullible student who thinks that the degree is a magic wand," said  Raj Padhiyar - founder and CEO - Digital Gurukul. 


When students graduate from any premier B-school, they read the same management books or case studies. But most of these pertain to the past and traditional businesses. On its part, Digital Gurukul wants to create a course that thinks about the present and the future. 

Conventional business studies courses had failed to keep up with the speed of a rapidly-changing world of tech and start-ups. Digital Gurukul’s 'Alt MBA' programme, which took almost one year's research to shape up, has completely re-imagined the New-Age MBA programme as it should be. 

The training pedagogy of those students selected for 'Alt MBA',  will have four months of tuition with Digital Gurukul. They will be learning modules of digital entrepreneurship management, strategy and negotiation, start-up communication skills, e-commerce management, website creation, social media management, online lead generation, content management and 20+ other topics with tools, case studies, proposal-making, presentations etc. 

They will then work for four months at a fast-growing, scaleup funded start-up, getting hands-on experience on what it is like to work and grow with a start-up. 

With more than seven years of experience and training more than 44,850 students across Asia, Digital Gurukul will also aid students to apply for funding with Y CombinatorShark TankGovernment Incubation centreVenture forums etc, 

India’s scaleup and start-up companies often recruit talented managers;  so recruiting students from the 'Aalt MBA' programme will give them access to a new pool of talent. 

Padhiyar said, "Given the huge demand of students working or launching their start-ups, it shows there is still strong appetite for people to switch away from conventional corporate jobs into the start-up and tech sector.” 

The programme will start with their batch of 'Super 25' in August 2022, with plans to eventually expand numbers to 35 per cohort. 

Applications are open via the website:

Last updated on 15 Jun 2022
10:44 AM
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