Study Abroad: What are the benefits of studying in the United Kingdom; Finally answered

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Posted on 17 Mar 2023
13:45 PM
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"The number of UK universities in the top 10 list of QS World rankings 2023 stands at four, same as last year’s ranking"
“As far as 226 countries of the world send their young students to study in the Universities across the United Kingdom”

The United Kingdom offers an excellent academic experience for students willing to study abroad at the world's leading universities, renowned for their academic and research excellence. Throwing light on Indian students abroad, strong statistical data have, time and again, shown that the United Kingdom is one of the most popular destinations for international students.Top notch British universities such as Oxford University, Imperial College London, and University College London have a history of long-standing academic and research relationships with Indian universities. Furthermore, these universities also have an excellent reputation and employment rate.

Rittika Chanda Parruck, Director of Education at the British Council India commented on the same to The Telegraph Online Edugraph recently. She said, “The number of UK universities in the top 10 list of QS World rankings 2023 stands at four, same as last year’s ranking. I believe a lot of universities which are not even in the list are still very high quality institutes in specific subject specialisations. It is a creative economic hub. 54% of the research from leading UK universities have time and again been cited as quality and world leading ones”. 

Studying in the UK is a great experience for students who wish to gain their first international experience. With almost no language barrier and easy access, young students find it convenient and also very enjoyable to immerse themselves in the British way of life. There are also a number of other major advantages in choosing UK over other destinations.

Source: British Council


Advantages of studying in the United Kingdom as opposed to other countries:

“If one goes to study in the United Kingdom they not only go to study in the United Kingdom but they go to study in the world. As far as 226 countries of the world send their young students to study in Universities across the United Kingdom. The network that one will make will be pretty global. Students will have the opportunity of making friends and [have] classmates from different countries of the globe sitting and studying alongside them. It must be realised that when they leave they actually leave having made global friends and with a qualification recognised in different countries. That itself is one of the biggest advantages of studying in the United Kingdom,” stated the Director. 

With a commendable academic reputation built on its centuries-old heritage, the United Kingdom is the hometown to some of the oldest universities of the world, that maintain their ranks consistently every passing years. Having an age-old tradition of welcoming international students, UK universities are popular for providing a memorable student experience as they minutely understand the needs and aspirations of the young generation. 

I strongly believe that in today’s time, a young student must thoroughly research their area of interest and they must take an initiative to find out the leaders in those areas for progressing further in their chosen career fields. They need to network, reach out and ask questions. Usually people who are interested in the same area are extremely responsive. Furthermore, choosing the correct mentor and guide at a young age is another extremely crucial activity. If you look at how people choose their careers it should definitely be something which enhances their talent. One of the best things about the UK education system is the enormous amount of choice offered to students in niche disciplines. This further allows students to enhance their talent, and make their choices more judiciously” concluded the director.

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