Career in Web3: Tips to stand out in the Job market in 2023

Shrikant Bhalerao
Posted on 18 Mar 2023
08:09 AM
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Web3, the decentralised internet powered by blockchain, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality, has been gaining traction in recent years
The global economic slowdown has caused a significant shift in the job market, and the web3 space is not immune to these changes

Web3, the decentralised internet powered by blockchain, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality, has been gaining traction in recent years, and it is not just a buzzword anymore. As companies scramble to get into this new space, there is an increasing demand for skilled professionals who can navigate this new frontier. In this article, we will take a closer look at the job opportunities in Web3 space, the scope of different jobs, size of the market, and how it has impacted the positive employment rate globally.

Job Opportunities in Web3 Space: 

The Web3 job market has numerous job opportunities. According to a report by Analytics Insight, the top 10 high-paying Web3 jobs in 2022 include blockchain engineers, smart contract developers, NFT developers, data scientists, UX designers, growth hackers, business analysts, product managers, community managers, and project managers.


The scope of different jobs in Web3 is not limited to these ten. There is a demand for professionals with different skill sets such as marketers, content creators, lawyers, and accountants. The Web3 industry is looking for people who are flexible, adaptable, and willing to learn new skills as the industry evolves. In such a job market leadership has also evolved to rely on soft power and empathy, using culture and shared values to align the interests of disparate stakeholders to a common mission and purpose through leadership roles are more fluid. 

Impact of Global Economic Slowdown on Web3 Job Opportunities:

However, the pacing Web3 economy has lowered down its speed in turn of recent events and the state of employment in Web3 space has shifted to adjust to the evolving global economic condition. The global economic slowdown has caused a significant shift in the job market, and the web3 space is not immune to these changes. The first and most immediate impact was the reduction in funding for web3 projects. With investors becoming more risk-averse, many web3 projects are finding it challenging to secure funding. This reduction in funding has led to a decrease in job opportunities in the industry. Many startups have been forced to downsize or even shut down altogether, leading to job losses.

Another impact of the global economic slowdown is the reduction in salaries and benefits. With the decrease in funding, companies are finding it challenging to offer competitive salaries and benefits to their employees. This reduction in salaries and benefits has made it harder to attract and retain talent in the web3 space.

Here’s how to Standout in a Difficult Market as a Job Applicant:

Despite the challenges faced by the web3 space due to the global economic slowdown, there are still opportunities available for those interested in working in the industry. The first step is to keep an eye on the job market and stay informed about the latest trends and developments. Many companies are still hiring, but they are being more selective in their hiring process. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that you have the necessary skills and experience to stand out from the competition.

One way to increase your chances of landing a job in the web3 space is to focus on developing skills that are in high demand. Blockchain development, smart contract development, and security auditing are skills that are still in high demand. Moreover, there is a growing demand for skills such as UX/UI design, marketing, and community management.

The economic slowdown has impacted the job market, however, the space has not stopped building. The hiring spree may not be as strong as last year, but there are ample opportunities for those who seek. All that needs to be done is stay updated about the latest trends and developments, and learn skill sets that are high in demand. With persistence and determination, building a successful career in the web3 space can turn out to be highly rewarding. 

About the author: Shrikant Bhalerao, CEO of Seracle, is an Alumnus of Oracle & Thales. With a master’s in Computer Applications from Pune University, Shrikant had his entrepreneur calling ever since he was a teenager. With his interest in developing a market solution that industries needed, he tumbled upon crypto. From creating a compliant blockchain infrastructure company, and addressing gaps in the blockchain space to enabling Web3 transformation, Shrikant has built a company that thrives in identifying opportunities and building the right solution.

Last updated on 18 Mar 2023
08:09 AM
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