Tom gifts typewriter to Indian student

Tom Hanks

Los Angeles: An Indian-origin student was in for a surprise when she received a typewriter from none other than Tom Hanks.

Jessica Khera could not believe her eyes when she saw the typewriter, addressed to her arrived, at her Fusion Academy Sugar Land, Texas.

Khera's teacher Deanne Owen, who had assigned her to read Tom Hanks' book Uncommon Type and watch the documentary California Typewriting, successfully guessed who might have sent the gift, reported Fox 26.

"I was just like, it has to be from Tom Hanks," said Owen. "We had a mutual love of Tom Hanks, and we knew that he'd just written a book," she added. Hanks' love for typewriters is well documented and he has a huge collection of typewriters.

Khera said she wrote a letter to Hanks after watching the documentary where the actor had said that he will give a typewriter to anyone who asks for one. "I was kind of in shock. It didn't feel like it was real. Like, the actual Tom Hanks sent our school a typewriter. But I'm very grateful," said Khera. Note on the gift read, "Don't merely type on this machine. Create, dream, wax, and make... Let me now how it goes... Tom Hanks." PTI


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