President discloses income from India

President Trump at the White House. (Reuters)

Washington: President Donald Trump received some income in the form of royalty from his real estate ventures in India, according to his latest annual financial disclosure form for the year 2016.

Trump has listed assets of at least $1.4 billion and income of more than $452 million, according to the form, a copy of which was released by the US Office of Government Ethics on Wednesday.

Trump submitted his discloser on Tuesday.

According to the financial discloser form, Trump had two incomes from his India real estate ventures. Both have been put in the category of royalties.

Trump had an income in the range of $1 million-$5 million from DT Marks Worli LLC under a licence deal with Jawala Real Estate and Lodha Developers. The location of the deal has been mentioned as New York.

Similarly, Trump had an income in the range of $100,000-$1 million from DT Tower Kolkata LLC under a licence deal with Concast Infrastructure, Tribeca Creators LLC, Regent Hirise, Raj Construction Projects and Rob Realty and Infrastructure.

The location of this deal has been mentioned as Calcutta.

Trump, however, had negligible income (less than $201) from the DT Tower Gurgaon LLC venture.

His other ventures in India, as listed in the forms, include DT India Venture Managing Member Corp, DT India Venture LLC, Trump Marks Mumbai LLC, Trump Marks Mumbai Member Corp, DT Marks Pune LLC, DT Marks Pune Managing Member Corporation, DT Marks Pune II LLC, DT Marks Pune II Managing Corporate, and DT Tower Gurgaon Managing Member Corporation.

The financial discloser form does not reveal any income from these ventures. 


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