My Fundays 22-06-2011

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By TT Bureau
  • Published 22.06.11

Childhood days are the most memorable days of our lives. I had a carefree childhood, and that makes it even more memorable for me. I was born in Mumbai at my maternal grandfather’s house in Vile Parle (East). But my childhood was spent at our Andheri house. I went to M.A. High School in Andheri. Then, to Bhawan’s College and finally to Mithibai College. Looking back, I see myself as an average student, who always scored marks above 55 but below 60. And I am quite happy with the fact that I passed with second class marks. It means that I enjoyed my life.

When I relive my schooldays, I see myself playing cricket. Cricket is something that I am still passionate about. Believe me, I was good in sports. Luckily, our principal was also very fond of sports. His love for it helped me get out of several tight situations.

For example, once when my Hindi teacher asked me not to attend classes for a week, I went to the principal and invited him for a badminton match. When the game was over, I asked him if I could attend my classes from the next day even though the Hindi teacher had asked me not to. As luck would have it, he said that I could. See, I was quite good at managing things!

As a child, despite growing up in a different house, I spent a lot of time with Mukesh and Mahesh, my stepbrothers. When we met we never fought — even though I was a very mischievous child and, when bullied, I would always give it back.

There was a bully in our area. He terrorised all of us. I desperately wanted to get even with him. I got my chance when all the neighbourhood kids were invited for the premiere of Sindbad the Sailor, a film made by my father. The bully was also invited. There was a scene where the hero was tied up and whipped.

The next day, we convinced the bully to play the role of Sindbad. We then tied him up and whipped him like the actor was in the film. His parents had to intervene to stop us from punching their son. Later, I got a good scolding for all this but that never deterred me from enjoying my life and doing whatever pleased me.

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