My Fundays 19-12-2007

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By Koushik Sen He is an accomplished actor both on stage and in film. He won the prestigious BFJA award for best supporting actor for his performance in the film Aamar Bhuvan AS TOLD TO DEBASHREE MAJUMDAR
  • Published 19.12.07

I am a Calcutta boy. I grew up here and the city is very dear to me. I went to Julien Day School. I grew up in an environment that was culturally very rich. My parents were deeply involved with art and theatre. Consequently, theatre and acting came very naturally to me. My father was my biggest source of inspiration. We were a very close-knit family and I shared a special bond with my parents.

I was reticent, disciplined and very obedient as a child. Because of my parents, I was exposed to a lot of cultural activities, and I took co-curricular activities quite seriously from a very tender age. I used to participate in almost every school event. Sports, music and theatre — I was involved in everything. I was, and still am, passionate about most forms of art and I loved acting. The thought of being on stage in front of a huge audience used to excite me beyond measure.

When I was young, I used to be thrilled when I did something for the first time — which, I guess, is the case with most children. Interestingly, however, I still remember most of my first-times. I have quite a clear memory of my first Mohun Bagan-East Bengal football match, the day I first stepped into the Eden Gardens, and when I met Sunil Gavaskar and Gundappa Vishwanath. I remember getting goosebumps when I met the legends, whom I had only seen on TV until then. It was a dream come true for me.

Another fond memory from my younger days is the first time I faced the camera. My first appearance was in the Mrinal Sen film Ekdin Pratidin. I was still in school then and very young. One can only imagine the excitement I felt working with a director of such repute. I also remember the day when I won a best actor award for my performance in a school play. I was in Class IX then and I considered that to be quite an achievement.

I had an interesting and eventful childhood, and I miss it for the sheer innocence of those days. I hold all those moments very close to my heart.

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