My Fundays 16-02-2011

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By Prosenjit Chatterjee Known to his fans as BumbaDa, he enjoys immense mass and critical appeal. His recent film Moner Manush won the prestigious Golden Peacock at the 41st International Film Festival Of India AS TOLD TO THE TELEGRAPH
  • Published 16.02.11

My sister Pallavi and I were quite naughty as kids and made life hell for our mother. She would be very happy when we trooped off to school; when we returned, I bet there was no one more distressed than her.

In school, I was not much of a prankster, but always participated in extra-curricular activities and did what I could best: act. I earned praise from my teachers and friends for doing well in the competitions, and the fond memories of my schooldays are something I cherish to this day. I was a good student, but since I was more inclined towards acting, I always made it a point to cultivate that faculty. My first film was in 1968 as a child artiste — Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s Chotto Jigyasa — where I had to portray the boyhood days of Uttam jethu’s (actor Uttam Kumar) character. I even won the BFJA (Bengali Film Journalists’ Award) for outstanding performance. It was this film that made me believe that I was born to be an actor and I did a couple of more films as a child actor after that.

Starting my career as an actor so early was possible for me because even as a youngster, I had no pastime but acting. Being Biswajit Chatterjee’s son, however, did not mean that I did not have to struggle. I remember going from one studio to another and meeting directors and producers for opportunities in their films. I was turned down at times, but resolved never to give up.

Ma — though never too happy with my career choice — was a great support in those difficult days. In fact, it was due to her grooming that I developed my fighting spirit. My love for acting never waned, and I spent a lot of time doing theatre while I was being rejected by the film industry.

My message to all of you is to remember that struggle is a part of life, and never give up. Taking decisions on your own is not wrong as long as you are ready to face the consequences. Enjoy life as a journey with all its ups and downs.

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