My Fundays 14-04-2010

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By Vaibhav Talwar He was lucky enough to share screen space with the Big B in his debut film Teen Patti. The model and actor also played the lead role in Jasoos Vijay, a BBC production AS TOLD TO SHABINA AKHTAR
  • Published 14.04.10

I was born and brought up in the capital of India — New Delhi. It was here that I spent a large chunk of my life and obviously, I have a lot of memories associated with the city. Some of my best memories are those of playing gulli cricket in the lanes of Rajinder Nagar in west Delhi. As a child, I constantly changed schools, but I spent the maximum number of years in D.A.V. School. And I can candidly state that vacations were the best part of my school life.

I was an extremely naughty and restless child. I remember not being able to sit still in one place for any length of time. In fact, due to my constant jumping I would often end up breaking sofas. The number of sofas I broke as a child! Another prank that was a part of my daily schedule was to spray water at passers-by from my second floor flat on the pretext of watering our plants. And they would come up yelling and complain to my parents. However, despite being a naughty child I was good in studies.

We used to live in a joint family and so as a child I was always surrounded by a huge number of friends and family members. Then there were around seven kids in our family and so wherever we went we went as a group and mostly played cricket.

I remember being a He-Man fan and I used to conjure every episode of it with my miniature He-Man collection. I was also interested in martial arts and trained in it.

As a child I was very close to my grandparents and they were very loving and protective about me. I remember I was their favourite grandchild until my younger sister arrived!

All that I would like to tell you kids is enjoy your childhood, as they are the best days of your life.

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