My Fundays 14-03-2007

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By Mir Afsar Ali a popular radio jockey and television anchor, he is the host of Mirakkel, a laughter show on Zee Bangla and Hello Kolkata on Radio Mirchi AS TOLD TO DEBARATI MUKHERJEE
  • Published 14.03.07

I grew up in central Calcutta. As a child I was pretty cautious and silent, but quite disobedient. I wasn’t too demanding, though. I studied at Assembly of God Church School, Park Street. At times I felt very lonely as I did not have a sibling. I was a mediocre student, and not sport savvy at all. I enjoyed the chapel services at school which served as my inspiration. To be a good speaker you need to be a good listener, so listening attentively to the chapel services honed my skills as an anchor since my school days.

My father always had the upper hand in my life, although occasionally I got a good beating from my mother as well when she lost her temper. I remember telling her once that I would complain to the Human Rights Commission against her!

Once, when we were collecting funds for Teacher’s Day celebrations at school, we fell short of money. I stole Rs 100 from my father’s pocket and gave it to the prefect. Everyone was surprised, the truth was out, and my parents were called. In effect, I was punished, rebuked in school, and roundly scolded at home.

I always aspired to be a genetic engineer, but everything changed after I chanced upon an advertisement in the newspapers about auditions for the newly launched FM channels in 1994. I was in college then, gave it a try and things shaped up just right for me.

It was my dream to travel extensively. But during vacations we invariably ended up at Azimganj, Murshidabad, my home town. There’s another incident that I haven’t forgotten. I was once bitten by a dog as I was twiddling its ears and had to take 14 injections for it.

My message to all of you is — do what you believe in and success will follow. Read as much as you can as there is no limit to knowledge. Children today are losing their reading habit but this needs to be inculcated.

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