My Fundays 04-05-2006

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By Preity Zinta This versatile actor has several hits to her credit, the most recent one being salaam namaste AS TOLD TO LATA KHUBCHANDANI
  • Published 4.05.06

I studied in a boarding school in Simla which was very beautiful. I was an extremely naughty child. I loved sports and enjoyed playing basketball. My father tried hard to teach me to play golf but I never managed to be good at it.

My father was in the army. I have two brothers. I learnt everything that is generally to be learnt in an army household, especially discipline and punctua- lity. My parents treated me like an intelligent child. They never spoke down to me just because I was a kid. They would let me participate in any event that was being held.

At home, we never witnessed any problems or arguments. There was a very congenial environment at home while I was growing up. I was never treated as dumb. My opinions and views mattered to my parents. Because I was so naughty, my mother used to spank me quite a lot.

I was a very good student. In fact, I was an all rounder ? a good student and a very good sportsperson as well as a mischievous and lively kid, always playing pranks. I remember meeting the actor Chandrachur Singh as a kid because he was related to my best friend and we called him Rocky Virji.

I was always fun-loving. I loved to play and be out with friends and dance around and be mischievous. I was quite a tomboy and played all boys’ games.

My father passed away in a car accident when I was in school and my mother was badly injured. I can never forget the scene with my brothers all crying. I felt so lost and helpless then. I did not know what to do.

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