Game Point 20-02-2008

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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 20.02.08

Sight Training

Nintendo DS can rebuild you! Faster, stronger and with greater visual acuity! Following the amazingly successful Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training comes Sight Training, created under the supervision of Dr Ishigaki, whose day job is visual training for athletes. So far, so familiar, and that really is the truth of this game — very much more of the same.

Just as you worked to reduce Brain Age in Brain Training, players test themselves to discover their Eye Age, and then go about a series of puzzle games and reaction challenges to reduce that figure. Some of the games are fun, some entertaining and some really quite hard. There’s also a sports option — you can choose ping-pong, baseball and football themed challenges when the puzzles get too much. It’s a good little game for all ages, and a wonderfully sneaky way of getting education in under the kids’ radar, though if you’ve played Brain Training you knew that.

The Daily Telegraph

Ghost Squad

An enjoyable but somewhat dated arcade shooter along the lines of Time Crisis and House of the Dead, where the action is “on a rail” and all you have to do is point and shoot. There are several paths through the three main environments — a large villa, Airforce One and the jungle — and as well as straight-up fire-fights there are chances to test your sniping skills or engage in hand-to-hand combat.

Here you must move your reticule to the relevant area of the screen to intercept a knife, a fist or an up-swinging knee. More points are rewarded for head-shots and fast reactions, but as there are seemingly endless “continues”, and the violence is of the bloodless variety, it’s neither kiddie-friendly nor challenging enough for the serious gamer. The most fun can be had by using the Wii Zapper, a gun-shaped accessory into which you plug your Wii-mote, and in the game’s “party mode”, which you can play co-operatively with up to three mates.

The Daily Telegraph

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