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Great going Whale of a time

By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 20.02.08

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Great going

And you thought only grown-ups read the newspaper. When Piers Morgan, former editor of Daily Mirror, launched First News, a newspaper for children between nine and 12 years, sceptics laughed. But it seems like Morgan is having the last laugh. Because First News, launched last year, is not just doing well, it is now also a Guinness World Record holder. The First News team recently created the world’s smallest newspaper, measuring just 32x22 mm. The newspaper is intended to be an authentic primer for grown-up papers, combining fun and games with concise explanations of issues such as global warming and terrorism. The paper also boasts of celebrity columnists like Sir Richard Branson of the Virgin brand, who has been encouraging tomorrow’s entrepreneurs through his column. Way to go!

All ears

Whale of a time

Ears are for hearing, but did you know that for some whales hearing begins in the throat? The Cuvier’s Beaked Whale dives deep into the ocean in search of food. Researchers at the San Diego State University, California, have found that as the whale hunts, it produces sounds that bounce off objects before returning to it. This process, called echolocation, allows the whales to understand the shape, size and location of their prey, even when they’re 1,000 metres under the sea, where it is totally dark. Now that’s some genetic engineering!

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