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Small wonder They have it all

By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 1.12.10

Sniff Sniff

Small wonder

Size does not matter? A tiny, long-haired, brown-and-white Chihuahua — Momo —may soon have big assignments. The seven-year-old Momo got selected to be a police dog in Japan. Like 70 other dogs, Momo went through the selection procedure which involved passing a search-and-rescue test. Momo was one of the 32 dogs selected, who could find a person in five minutes after just sniffing the cap. A police spokesman said the news of little Momo making the grade sounds so unusual that they had people calling up for details. Such curiosity is understandable! After all, Momo is going to to be used in rescue work in disasters like earthquakes. The idea is that its tiny frame can help it squeeze into a narrow space, which the normally-used German Shepherds cannot. Er, size does matter.


They have it all

Wizteam 2010 is ready. Of the 60 kids who made it to the South Asia Finals of the Horlicks Wizkids 2010 last week, Vibha Mohan of Bangalore, Vikhe Patil of Pune, Siddhanth Dubey of Bhopal and Nicole Muiier of Sri Lanka, were the four winners. Held in Bangalore, with “I Want It All” as its theme, the inter-school contest had children competing in areas like singing, dancing, art, design, writing and so on. The contest also featured children from Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka. The winning foursome will visit New Zealand for an international student exchange programme. Cheers to them!

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