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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 9.11.11

• The world’s most expensive car is the Bugatti Veyron Super Sports car. The cost? A whopping $24,00,000.

• Formula One car engines burn out in about two hours of racing as opposed to normal car engines that may go on for 20 years.

• Jamshedji Tata was the first Indian to own a car in 1901.

• In 1901 auto pioneer Ransom E. Olds designed the Curved Dash Oldsmobile, which was the first mass-produced American car.

• It takes one man one day to make a Rolls-Royce radiator, and then five hours are spent polishing it. A Rolls factory has notices bearing the legend, ‘Beware, silent cars.’

• On an average there is about 3,000 feet of electrical wiring in every car.

• The world’s longest car is a 100-feet limousine built by US car designer Jay Ohrberg. It has a king-size waterbed, a swimming pool and a diving board!

• Some memorable fictional car characters: Lightning McQueen in the film Cars, Herbie in the Herbie series, Kit in the TV serial Knight Rider and Tarzan in Tarzan, The Wonder Car.

• The automobile is the most recycled consumer product in the world today. It takes about 45 seconds to shred the average automobile into fist-sized pieces of steel for recycling.

• The Sultan of Brunei probably owns the maximum number of cars in the world. He has 531 Mercedes-Benzes, 367 Ferraris, 362 Bentleys, 185 BMWs, 177 Jaguars, 160 Porsches, 130 Rolls-Royces and 20 Lamborghinis.

• In 1898 the New York City Police department pursued “speeding” motorists on bicycles!

• The first car theft in history occurred in Paris in June, 1896, when Baron de Zuylen’s Peugeot was stolen by his mechanic. Fortunately, both the thief and the car were found later in a nearby town.

• The Peel P50, a British three-wheel microcar first manufactured in 1962, holds the record for the smallest automobile to go into production. It was advertised as capable of seating “one adult and a shopping bag”. Many of the earlier models were not road legal. In 2011 production began on a new road-legal petrol version of the super mini car.

• According to a recent survey, white is the favourite colour for cars in North America, while black and silver are the most popular colours in Europe and Asia respectively.

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