The t2 campus team lists 14 google apps that have transformed their lives...


The Chennai-born Pichai studied at IIT Kharagpur.

He was interviewed at Google on April Fool’s Day in 2004. During an interactive session at IIT Kharagpur in 2017, he said: “Google had just announced Gmail. It was ‘invite only’. People weren’t sure whether it was an April Fool joke. During my interviews, people kept asking me ‘What do you think of Gmail?’ I hadn’t had a chance to use it. I thought it was an April Fool joke.”

Two projects cemented Pichai’s current role in the company which he joined in 2004 — Android (in 2013, Android’s founder Andy Rubin was replaced by Pichai) and Chrome, which faced some resistance at first because few wanted to challenge the might of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. “I joined Google when we were over 1,000 people and at that point, (co-founder) Larry (Page) for the first time had stopped interviewing people. So I joke around that I got into Google because Larry didn’t interview me,” he said in 2017.


Google Moderator

Launched in: September 2008
Discontinued in: June 2015
What it was: A page for submitting questions, or solutions to questions, or even ideas, which were ranked by users according to merit.
What we miss: It was a great way of finding answers for specific events, because users could vote on the questions they cared about the most and  the feature ensured that every single question was answered by the ‘moderator’ of a particular team or event. 

Google Labs

Launched in: May 2002
Discontinued in: July 2011
What it was: A page on which users could beta-test Google’s newest innovations.
What we miss: We loved working with experimental features that Google made available in this section.

Google Reader

Launched in: October 2005
Discontinued in: July 2013
What it was: An online RSS  feed aggregator, which would collect posts from various websites and present it in a single feed. 
What we miss: This tool was easily the best and most intuitive one for collecting articles and blog posts that we were most interested in. 

Google Fast Flip

Launched in: September 2009
Discontinued in: September 2011
What it was: An online news aggregator, which collected news items it thought the user was interested in from across the Internet.
What we miss: Fast flip made reading experience a lot easier than just scrolling passively.

Text: Rushati Mukherjee


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