The annual gaming expo E3 in Los Angeles has unveiled some exciting titles.  Here are 7 we’re going to try!


Kait Diaz is the central character here and the gameplay shows off some new enemies and new weapons. The trailer begins with her getting ready to participate in a rescue mission but she’s “suddenly faced with a traumatic death that sends her on an emotional rollercoaster”. She’s recently been having nightmares, which she believes to be messages. The mission begins.


“When the fighting has stopped and the fallout has settled, you must rebuild. Not just walls, not just buildings but hearts and minds... and ultimately, America itself,” is the brilliant voiceover in the trailer to Fallout 76, which is set in West Virginia, in a post-apocalyptic landscape. It’s the story of the people who left the “vault” a little more than 20 years after the bombs dropped. You can play with other people to build whatever you want but the future of the planet’s flora and fauna may be grim. The first of Bethesda’s shared-world online survival game is out on November 14.


The game will put you behind the wheels of good-looking vehicles and all you have to do is drive and explore the cities and countryside of Britain. Of course, the English weather will be with you throughout the game, meaning... it won’t be all blue skies! There will be enough cinematic moments and gorgeous graphics in this open-world racing title, which releases on October 2.


The slick-looking trailer that was played out has oodles of over-the-top attitude. Years have passed since the legions of hell invaded our world. A new threat is here and Nero is at hand to tackle it. “We think we’ve made something that feels better than any action game we’ve ever created,” Devil May Cry producer Matt Walker said after the trailer launch.


It’s the “new dark ages” where zombie apocalypse has dragged society back in time. From the trailer, it seems the player will be completing missions in a city full of the undead. The player has to help make life better for the living residents. But the plot will be organic, meaning that the gameplay will unfold depending on your response to situations. 


Microsoft teased a new Halo, titled Halo Infinite, which seems to come with a giant world attached to it. According to Microsoft, the new title revolves around Master Chief (protagonist of the Halo fictional universe), and it “continues the current storyline” after the events of Halo 5. The 343 Industries creation describes the new game as “the next chapter of the legendary franchise”. To be available on both Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs. When? Microsoft says the game art and engine are “still in progress and many of the assets and designs will certainly evolve between now and the release of the game”. 


We are told in the trailer that the game is set in the “worst city to live in America” because of the astronomical rate of violence and the poverty level. In the narrative-driven, open-world RPG, you play as V, a mercenary-for-hire at the start of his career. Through the trailer, we encounter “cyber-enhanced street warriors, tech-savvy netrunners, and corporate lifehackers” in a world full of punk-style figures.


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