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Fortnite season 4 has arrived with a superhero theme and the t2 campus team can’t keep calm!

What’s Fortnite?

A multiplayer shooting game by Epic Games'

Available on: Computers, gaming consoles like Xbox and PS4, and iOS

Why we are stoked: Epic Games came out with the poster of Fortnite Season 4  in April, where we saw skins that resembled DC characters like Wonder Woman and The Flash, while in the previous season, the players were getting hidden suitcases with Thor written on them. All of these hinted at a superhero theme this season. Season 4 released on May 1 and got us digging for secrets and easter eggs, and grinding into the ‘Battle Pass’ challenges


Season 1: Save the World saw humanity disappear, and storms as well as monsters crowded the city at night. Players had to fight the monsters in the storm. 

Season 2: Battle Royal, which was a continuation of the previous storyline, had some great gameplay and military skins. Here the players had to run from the storm and fight the other players. Battle Royal had 100 players pitted against each other in one map and the last one to survive emerged the winner. It also introduced ‘Battle Pass’ where you could buy a pass to unlock challenges. Completing the challenges would lead you to rare outfits, pickaxes, gliders, emotes and dance moves. 

Season 3: Also called Battle Royal, this season had a space theme. Here the ‘Battle Pass’ had skins like Moonwalker and Mission Specialist which looked like astronauts, Dark Voyager or Rust Lord who wore spacesuits and The Reaper outfit was based on John Wick. 


In Season 4, which retains the Battle Royal title, you can choose to be superheroes or supervillains who have landed at Dusty Divot, a location on the map, along with the comet and meteors. The battle is now between superheroes and supervillains. Most of the new skins have superheroes like Carbide and Valor, and supervillains like Omega and Zoey. Some characters are new, while a few others are creative adaptations by Epic Games.


Skin: It is the outfit the players wear (the characters’ look) while playing the multiplayer matches. New skins are available every season and you can unlock some by completing challenges.

Pickaxes: These are your harvesting tools and they allow you to break the destructible things in order to gather wood, bricks and metals.

Gliders: It is a Fortnite term for parachutes. They help the players land safely on the ground, after jumping out of the plane. We advise you to try and glide onto a terrace and then break your way in, from the top of the building.

Emotes: Stickers and dance moves you can show your fellow players to appreciate their camaraderie, or tease them when you are playing better. There are stickers like Love, Potato Shot and 100IQ, and dance moves like Whip, Backpack Kid and Take the L. 

Chests: Hidden chests pop up in some locations in every match. These have to be opened to collect the items inside the chest.

Ammo Boxes: Ammo Boxes are strewn all over the map but are usually camouflaged. They contain bullets for different types of guns. 

Looting: The players gather loot from the building, which includes guns, ammo, wood, bricks and metal. It also involves opening Chests and Ammo Boxes.


CARBIDE: One of the first skins you get. Though it looks like a new character at first, Epic Games have announced that we can expect something similar to Iron Man after we complete the challenges and unlock the modifications. The look of the skin and the name, Carbide, suggests that it is a superhero. The skin comes for free with the ‘Battle Pass’ 
at Tier 1.
ZOEY: Epic Games probably got inspired by Harley Quinn while creating Zoey, one of the supervillains. She has a pink outfit and green pigtails. This skin also has a green lollipop, a pickaxe, as its harvesting tool.
VALOR: She looks a lot like Wonder Woman, but playing the game, we feel it is an Indian adaptation of the shero. We are waiting to see what Epic Games do with this character. This is one of the more popular skins of the season that unlocks at Tier 71.
BATTLEHAWK: This skin is also available from Tier 1 and is one of the two skins that look like a soldier, sporting a mohawk and an eye patch, which probably draws inspiration from Hawkeye and Nick Fury.
OMEGA: This is the main supervillain in this season. Omega looks like Carbide but sports a black-and-grey outfit with red lights. This skin is available after you complete all the challenges till Tier 100. There are supposed to be add-on styles for this character, once the ‘Battle Pass’ challenges are over.
SQUAD LEADER: This is another soldier skin, in all black armour with an amazing tattoo on his arm, which adds to his cool factor. 
TEKNIQUE: We are assuming it is not a superhero skin as it was added right before the release. It looks like a graffiti artist, probably added to complement the new feature, Spray, but Epic Games might turn this character into something else later in the season.





STAR PLAYER: Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, one of the most famous players of Fortnite, usually has over 6 million views on his streams and over 2,000 wins throughout his career. He plays with Drake and Travis Scott.

Text: Manjis Kar
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