Shoot to survive 

GAME: Still Alive 

GENRE: Survival PvP

PLATFORM: Android, iOS

Since the dawn of the Survival Shooter genre with Player Unknowns Battlegrounds, many developers have tried to replicate its success on various platforms. Still Alive is one of those well-done successors on mobile.

It is a 5v5 (five vs five) multiplayer shooting game in third person. Every player has two lives per match and when you lose both of them, you are eliminated from the match. In addition, the map size reduces with time, forcing you to get closer to opponents. This really makes for a thrilling experience with the stakes rising every time an opponent gets eliminated.

You can choose between three classes - a stealthy Assassin, an intelligent battle Tactician and a Lunatic who sets everything on fire. Each has a unique skill set and is balanced with the others. The developers have tried to create a rock-paper-scissors environment where each class is strong against one class and weak against the other. They have managed to do this using health, speed and four other special abilities. For example, the Tactician has an auto-aiming gun that is effective against the Assassin as the Assassin takes a long time to shoot its arrow but is weaker against the Lunatic and its quick flamethrower.

The main progression for the game is the League System. If you are in the top four (out of five) in a match you get league points that help you move on to the next league but if you are the first person to be eliminated, you lose league points. This keeps the excitement alive in every match and adds to the fun. There are also modes that allow you to practise without affecting your league progress.

At first, the matchmaking will give you fights that you will almost always win but after a point of time you will get matched with players of your skill. It also pushes you to constantly change your play style by making the matches tougher if you pick only one class.

As with any free game, this too has a robust skill and weapon upgrade system. Each of your characters' special abilities can be upgraded by using the parts and cash dropped at the end of every match. Thankfully, there are no timers that make you wait. However, as you progress, you will feel that the amount of cash and parts you are getting is not enough for you to progress as fast as you want to. You can, of course, get extra parts by paying. It is a fair monetisation strategy and does not feel too harsh. You can also buy costumes, hats and other character customisation options.

The game has a few animation glitches that may sometimes hamper gameplay. Also, it starts to feel a bit repetitive after a point of time due to the lack of maps (there are only two at this point of time). However, it is a fun game to pick up and for anyone looking for a thrilling survival shooting experience. I'd give it an 8 out of 10 rating.


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