Run, shoot and capture

Game: Mayhem by Chobolabs

Genres: PvP multiplayer arena shooter 

Platforms: Android, iOS

Mayhem, as its name says, throws as much action as can fit into a mobile screen, and then some more. It is a multiplayer side scrolling shooter that is good to look at and fun to play.

At the start, you are given a character whom you can take into a 3v3 multiplayer match. There are two gameplay modes in this twitch-based fast-paced game. The first one is the King of the Hill mode where you have to stand at the centre of the arena to earn points. Enemies can knock you down at any time to stop your progress. The first team from among the two competing teams to reach 100 points is the winner. There is also the Team Deathmatch mode which, as the name says, is simple: defeat as many opponents as possible.

The main progression for the game is the league system where every multiplayer match that you win gives you league points. If you lose a match, points are deducted. This is how you unlock new levels in the game. As you level up, you unlock abilities, characters and arenas. Your play style changes with every arena that you fight in. Apart from the arena, the characters that you play with also have their own unique skills - from a machine gun specialist to an expert sniper. There are a total of 12 characters that you can unlock and upgrade in the game.

You can also choose from among four different kinds of abilities: Active, Passive, Sentry and Ultimate. Each of these abilities has multiple attributes to keep the gameplay from getting boring. These can be unlocked based on the level that you are in and have to be upgraded.

The game does have its fair share of currencies and loot crates. Every match that you win brings you a loot crate that gives you cash, characters or upgrades. However, you have to wait a while before unlocking the loot crates. Also, at any point of time, you have space only for four loot crates. If you don't want to wait and want to quickly unlock any of the crates, you have to pay cash.

Another rewarding aspect of the game is the Clan system where you can ask for and also donate cards. These cards are used to upgrade your characters and abilities. Since they are given only through loot crates - which are based on probability - the ability to ask for a specific card that you need becomes very useful.

VERDICT: At first glance, the game does seem complex and intimidating. It also borrows many aspects of its design from Clash Royale and does not seem very unique. However, it's a fun game for anyone wanting to jump into intense action in between classes and coffee breaks. I'd rate it 7 out of 10.


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