Pop Picks

Wireless chargers we like 

• CurioCity Qi Wireless Charger: This is an ultra-slim UFO-shaped crystal clear wireless charging pad with LED light. It features double protection against damage to your device. Sensors detect the level of heat produced by both the charger and your device to prevent overheating. Advanced battery level detection allows it to know when your device is fully charged and suspend charging, protecting the battery. Your phone is stabilised thanks to the non-slip pads on the bottom of the charger, which help prevent movement. A red LED lights up to let you know the charger is plugged in and on standby.

Price: Rs 999

• Belkin 5-Watt Qi Wireless Charging Pad (5 Watt): This Qi-certified wireless charger delivers a safe charging experience. Place your phone on the non-slip charging surface and enjoy a faster charging process than on standard wireless charging bases. A green LED light shows when your phone is correctly aligned and charging. The device is slim, light and travel-friendly.

Price: Rs 2,800


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