Pop Picks


• Marvel Contest of Champions: It offers a unique combination of action-adventure, RPG, and hack and slash elements. It takes you to the Iso-Sphere where Ultron is preparing to attack. Your task is to gather your finest warriors (Iron Man, Hulk, Storm, Wolverine, Star-Lord, Spider-Man and so on), defeat Ultron and stop it from reaching the Iso-Sphere. The game offers a number of quests; you can go off to fight Thanos or Kang the Conqueror, among a plothora of other villains. The multiplayer mode allows you to make alliances with your friends, combine warrior teams and fight the enemy with a doubled might and become an ultimate warrior.

Price: Free to play on Android and iOS

• Injustice: Gods Among Us: It is an action, fighting, single or multiplayer game that takes place in the stunning universe of the Justice League where you get to be a superhero. It has different stages based on different environments such as Metro-polis, DC Universe, Bat cave, and Fortress of Solitude, including interactive areas. Avoid attacks and maintain your health bar because if you lose your health, you lose the match.

Price: Free to play on Android and iOS


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