Pop Picks


• Magium: It is a text adventure game similar to old choose-your-own-adventure books (CYOA) which you play as ordinary guy Barry who joins a deadly mage tournament in the hopes of fulfilling his dream of becoming a mage himself. As in all interactive novels, your choices will affect the story, and wrong choices can even lead to your death. Magium also has stats that you can upgrade and which get you certain advantages. For example, if your ancient languages stat is high, you can understand what animals and monsters are saying.

Price: Free to play on Android and Apple

• Lifeline: The game puts the player into a supportive character role to help the main character make decisions. While the player usually controls the flow of the story, main characters will sometimes refuse to listen and go off on their own. While most games have one "True" ending, a lot of choices will lead to the main character dying. After you find one of the endings, the game will unlock the Rewind and Fast Mode options. The game has a waiting system between messages - from under a minute to over 8 hours.

Price: Rs 130 for Android and Rs 159 for Apple


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