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Other flash drives in the fray

98gadgets iFlare: It allows you to free up space on your iDevice, capture photos, videos and save directly to the drive. Or download movies into it and play on your phone. Stylish and convenient swivel design with hanging hole that allows to attach iDisk to key ring or bag. Wide compatibility with popular file formats.

Price: Rs 2,989

JT 64GB OTG 3-in-1 Pendrive: A data storage drive with three connectors, it is a perfect bridge between Apple or Android devices and a computer. It enables easy and speedy data transfer and can download movies and TV series. You can plug it into the cellphone to play them. It supports a number of formats. Ideal for storage and sharing of digital contents from your iPhone or Android device and to expand memory. 

Price: Rs 3,499

 iberry Auxus OTG PenDrive: Multifunctional USB flashdisk to back up or copy files from an Android or Apple phone. Lets you backup, save and transfer contacts, photos and other data. You may not need to upgrade your phone if all you need is some extra memory space. Fits iOS, Android and Windows devices with its Lightning, micro USB and USB connections.

Price: 2,299.00


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