Meet real people in a virtual world

GAME: Avakin Life by Lockwood Publishing Ltd
GENRE: Role playing
PLATFORMS: Android, iOS 

Social networks are not new to us. All of us have used Facebook or Orkut at some point in time. Yahoo Groups was one of my earliest exposures to a social network and I still remember the excitement of meeting and talking to new people. Avakin Life is a similar experience but within a lush, beautiful 3D world.

As expected, the main draw of this game is meeting new people and interacting with them. You can be part of group chats or private chats, make friends with players you find interesting and you can also go clubbing and dance with other players. You can also invite your friends to your house and have a house party. In short, this game allows you to live your own virtual life.

There are a plethora of locations where you can socialise; you can go to a dance club or the Egyptian desert. The latest update lets you visit a yacht and mix with players there. Visiting places is not a chore; it happens with the click of a button. An important aspect is that the interactions you have in the game are all with real people. Since the app provides complete anonymity, it creates a safe environment where you can be whoever you want to be.

As with any role playing game, there are plenty of customisation options over 25 categories. From shirts and pants to tattoos and eye colour, there are loads of opportunities to craft your unique look. There are also clothing options from brands such as Nike. There is even a fashion competition for those interested in it. Based on the theme of the competition, you can submit your look. Others in the game will vote for you and the person getting the maximum votes wins in-game rewards.

You can also purchase a home - on a beach or even in Paris. There are plenty of options. There are even options to get a pet: a dog, a penguin or even a dinosaur.

Bored of just socialising? You can take up a job as a bartender or a waiter at a cafe, play a quiz or take part in the fashion competition. The various activities earn you coins that you can use to customise your clothes, your look or your house.

VERDICT: Avakin Life is a fun world you can get lost in. However, it is always online and, sometimes, there are server issues. You also have to get used to players you don't want to talk to. You can block them but sometimes it can get unpleasant. Getting coins is difficult and you may have to rely on ads to get those additional coins you need to buy that fabulous dress. But if you need a social network where you want to live out your dreams, Avakin Life is just the place.


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