Dragon Ball, now on mobile

Dragon Ball Z has been a part of our childhood. We were all mesmerised when the series came to children's TV channel Cartoon Network and a good part of our childhood was spent rooting for Goku and his friends. Now, it's here on mobile.

There have been multiple Dragon Ball games on mobile but Dragon Ball Legends does justice to our expectations. To make it comfortable for mobile users, it is a vertical fighting game that can be played with just one hand. The fighting mechanics are a lot of fun. All the fights happen in the air and you can move around by swiping. You can also throw soft attacks by tapping. However, the main fighting lies in the action cards that you can use. At any point of time, there are four action cards that you can pick up and use on your opponents. These cards are special attacks and unique to each character. There is also a meter that fills up when you use these cards and lets you use the super special attack. At any point, you can play with three characters and you can keep switching amongst them.

All of our favourite characters have been lined up for the game. There is also a new character introduced just for the game. The voice acting, looks and even special moves for the characters are top notch and remind you of the series. Each character is associated with an element and these elements have a rock-paper-scissors relationship. This means every character is stronger than some characters and weak against others. You have to constantly change your team to win matches. Like all other games, you can also upgrade your characters.

One of the things that makes Dragon Ball Legends so good is that it stays true to the original story. You get to play against your favourite villains and with your favourite characters. The art also stays true to the series history and you will be amazed by the beautiful cell shaded art style. It feels like you are part of the Dragon Ball storyline. What more can a fan ask for?

There are multiple ways to play the game. The story mode gives you a chance to relive the Dragon Ball storyline. You can also play against other players in the real-time PvP battles. It is the perfect arena for players wanting to test their mettle. Special timed events let you play short story bits and give you ample rewards. To collect additional rewards and to level up, you can send your characters on adventures and training missions.

VERDICT: Dragon Ball Legends is recommended for fans and newcomers alike. There are a couple of bugs and the long loading time can be frustrating. The learning curve is steep and the game takes its own sweet time to explain itself. However, if you are looking for a fighting game featuring your favourite childhood heroes, look no further. I would go so far as to rate it nine out of 10.


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