Carry your music with you

GADGET: Noise Aqua Wireless Mini Speakers

TECH SPECS: Bluetooth connectivity, power output 5W, frequency response 2.402-2.480GHZ, audio- 50mm diaphragm 

PRICE: Rs 2,249 on Amazon

?BEST FOR: Enjoying music at shower or poolside  

If you feel irritated with the cacophony from your smartphone or tablet while playing your favourite music - and hate earphones - it's time to get a Bluetooth speaker. This is a useful audio upgrade that won't cost a fortune.

All of a sudden the market for Bluetooth speakers has exploded, resulting in competitive pricing. Moreover, you now have tiny speakers that can be taken along to a picnic, a party or even the shower. The more rugged versions can even be carried safely to poolside parties and beach holidays as they are equipped with a superior water-resistant material.

Till recently I had little love for these devices - a luxury, I felt - until I laid my hands on a small and lightweight unit that amazed me with its quality of sound; the crisp acoustic experience with realistic tone and depth was quite impressive too, considering the modest price.

The speaker is an octagonal block that comes in just one colour: black. It suits me as I am a firm believer of Henry Ford's classic comment on Model T ("You can have any colour you want, so long it's black). In other words, this speaker is all that a Bluetooth speaker needs and more: simplicity, connectivity, design, long battery life, and most importantly - incredible sound.

On the top of the speaker is the play/pause button, along with plus/minus buttons for volume control. The way to answer a call using the speaker is to press the play button on the side. The left side of the device offers the power button, a pairing button, the microphones (you can use it as a speakerphone), a micro-USB port to power the unit and a tiny stereo input. The FM radio is a cool addition.

The most impressive aspect of the speaker is its superbly water-resistant built. Not only does it survive being splashed, it works perfectly even after getting completely submerged. It even floats and keeps delivering crisp music.

The portability is enhanced by a hook to help it hang. It is tough enough to be taken along on a run on rough terrain.

All these features at its price range makes it a steal. And it did help change my mind on Bluetooth speakers.


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