A heartfelt text adventure

Game: Bury Me, My Love published by Playdius

Genre: Text messaging adventure game

Platforms: Android, iOS 

Bury me, my love is a Syrian phrase that means "Take care, don't even think of dying before I do." and it's a very apt name selected for the game. It is a text messaging-based adventure game where you play as Majid, who has to communicate with wife Nour through a smartphone while she is on a perilous journey from Syria to take asylum in Europe. Majid has decided to stay in Syria to help his relatives.

As Majid, you will have to guide Nour throughout the journey and be her support while she has to face tough choices. All the decisions taken by you and Nour have consequences and there are about 19 endings that can be achieved. You also get to travel to 50 locations as you go through the journey.

Most of the game is played in the form of messages that you are texting to Nour. Although the story writing here is not very exceptional, it is rather heartwarming and engaging. A very nice touch is the fact that you can send pictures to each other along with messages. There are certain points in the story where Nour would take a picture of the scenery and send it to you while you would send her a snapshot of your dishevelled self sitting at home. At the end, you also get to hear a short audio clip from Nour. These pictures and clips add a lot to making the game a richly immersive experience.


Even though it masquerades as a mobile game, what Bury me, my love actually is a thought piece about the refugee crisis. There are many memorable moments in the game but the one that stayed with me was one where Nour's trip in a crowded boat, where the reality of the refugee's struggles hit her with the death of a small kid travelling with her. It is not a true story but is inspired by an article written by journalist Lucie Soullier, telling the story of Dana, a young Syrian woman who fled her country and is now living in Germany. The gamification of the article certainly makes it more engaging and puts the reader/player in the shoes of the affected.

VERDICT: Bury me, my love is short and has some dull moments. But underneath it, it is a piece of literature that will stick with you for a while. It is a unique experience and worth a try for anyone getting into interactive fiction. I'd rate it 8 out of 10.


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