Street play for treatment

For a cause: Members of the Sinchan group perform in Krishnagar. Picture by Pranab Debnath

Krishnagar: Members of a theatre group in Nadia's Krishnagar are enacting street plays to raise funds for the treatment of an LPG cylinder delivery man who has been suffering from brain tumour.

The members of Sinchan theatre group are performing Taharush, a contemporary play about sexual violence on women, on the streets and market places with an appeal for donation so that they could save the life of Debasish Pandit, 41, who will have to undergo brain surgery.

Sinchan members plan to raise at least Rs 1 lakh for Debasish, who is ill for over a month. The surgery is expected next month.

A resident of Saktinagar, Debasish, who works with an LPG distribution agency in Krishnagar, was detected with brain tumour in May this year. He was admitted to Saktinagar district hospital, where doctors advised surgery.

The theatre director and founder of Sinchan, Susanta Halder, said: "Debasish is the only earning member in his family, which includes his wife and two children. Since he is not in a position to work and is ill, the family is suffering. So, we have launched a drive to collect money for him."

Asked what prompted the drive to raise funds, Halder said: "Actually, we took the initiative after one of our group members, Rupa, told us about Debasish and sought help. We visited his home and decided to help him for treatment and to maintain his family. Finally, we started enacting the play on the streets from last Monday in Krishnagar."

The first day's collection was Rs 3,500. So far, Halder and his team have performed four shows and collected about Rs 20,000.

Sinchan member Rupa Karmakar said: "I was worried when Debasish da became unconscious while delivering a cylinder. He was taken to hospital, where the doctor diagnosed a brain tumour. Since then, he can't work as he frequently becomes unconscious. Watching his plight, I told my friends to help him. Our target is to raise money for him."

Debasish said: "My work as a delivery man is on a no-work-no-pay basis and I earned around Rs 6,000 per month. I was devastated when I learnt about the brain tumour. But these youths have injected fresh hope in me."

Breaking down in tears, Debasish's wife Alpana said: "I will remain indebted to these young members of Sinchan forever. It appears that god has sent them to save us."


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