Rare species clicked at Neora National Park

Pictures would help in head count, say foresters

Clouded leopard clicked by the camera trap in the park
Dhol clicked by the camera trap in the park.


Civet clicked by the camera trap in the park.

Jalpaiguri: The trap cameras installed at different locations of the Neora Valley National Park in Kalimpong district have clicked pictures of other some rare animal species, including the clouded leopard and the royal Bengal tiger.

The state forest department had installed 15 cameras in the park to collect more photos of the predator after a cab driver had clicked photos of a tiger on the fringes of the park last year.

"Recently, we came across photos of tiger clicked by some of the trap cameras. While we were checking the pictures, we found photos of co-predators like the clouded leopard and some other species also. These photos will help us in due course to calculate the population of animals. The pictures will also help give an idea of the prospective habitats of these animals within the park," said a senior forest official.

Among other species which have been clicked include the golden cat, lesser cat, large Indian civet, goral, dhole (wild dog) and Himalayan yellow-throated marten.

In 2006-2007, a Calcutta based NGO, working on wildlife conservation had carried out a survey in the park. "At that time, they had found indirect evidences like scat, scratch marks and dwellings, indicating the presence of the rare species. It is good that we have photos now. We are yet to check all the trap cameras. We hope to retrieve some more pictures," the forester added.

The photos have been clicked at heights ranging from 2,000 ft to 10,000 ft from the sea level and in locations like Rachela, Dhulidara, Rhenick, Pankhasari and Baset, all within the park.

"Now, it is a proven tiger habitat. We are taking several steps to protect the park and conserve the wildlife population. The new photos of other species will further help us in drawing our plans," a forest official based in Calcutta, said over phone.


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